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Interesting in the next must have MMORPG game, here is the little summary

12-30-2010, 05:51 AM
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Interesting in the next must have MMORPG game, here is the little summary

Ok. Since I heard that there will be a awesome MMORPG game called "Empire Online(English version)" that will be release in app store (WILL BE RELEASE ON JAN,15TH,2011) , and since i have more then 6 month of experience of this game, so I plan to type up a brief guide to everyone.

(all the informations and summary were coming from personal experience, which is in Chinese version, the detail or translation maybe a little off,cus I didn't get *the chance to be a beta tester,and I can not tell the exact name or number, but the general information and guide you can trust it.)

First. Because this was a Chinese based game that ran on app store for at least 1.5years, so if there were significant bug, it's gone for 1.5years of tests.
It is an addictive and challenge game, addictive for the fact that it will not have the problem with some MMORPG on IPhone( For example:that you can only attack 3 person per 10 minutes, or you can only do certain amount of mission in 1hr, unless you PAY) This game do not have those things.
For the challenge part, first, this game have 4 classes, and if you choice warrior as your job, you can still learn other job's skill but you need to pay double skill point and money. So you can have Mage learn hunter's skill and Warrior learn other job's skill. So that is the problem, because it is difficult that you have so many different and interesting way to go. Second, this game is challenge because most player need team work, and if you have good team work, then you MAY get good thing ( but if you only want to level up and up, you can still do it your self, but it is difficult because you still need to buy equipments from other players) the third part, I don't know is a good news or bad news, because money(USD) will make ones go powerful, but it really depend on the way you use it, because there are lots of player that didn't use a penny and play better then those who spent.*

Second, the general introduction of empire online. This is a turn based game, which I think everyone knows how it works,. You can move your character by tap the place where you want to go,. Usually, you can not tap on the landscape, and your character will automatic choice the shortest way to go to the point you tap. If you don't know where you are, go see the up lefthand corner of screen and you will know, also there is a "world map" for this game, tap the up right corner's map. If you see a yellow " ! " on the NPC's head, that means he/she/it will give you a mission,but if you tap the NPC with the ! And there is no mission for you, then that means you didn't get the requirement for that mission (they won't tell you the requirement, maybe it is level, chain-mission,or others, it depends) . If you see a blue ? on NPC's head,that means either you accept the mission or you have finished the mission. If you are lazy about to find NPC or the monster, you can transport to the place by tap the transport icon on the mission list ( the mission list is located on the up left screen where a peace of yellow paper shown),btw some NPC or special CAN'T find them by transport. For the other information about where is the function, I think there is a ? On the up righthand side of each page, ex:send and receive items...Ok I think that is the basic basic thing of this game.
Oh, another thing, if you still don't understand how this game works, in the beginning menu of the game, there is a help icon that tells you more basic thing about this game

Third. Battle. In this game, there are PVP,PVE,and GVG(which is not open yet). PVP, I think it is not a super important thing in this game, because it won't give you any benefit and it can be just wast of time,but if you are testing your status or weapon or armor's combination, that is a good way to do it.( if you want to PVP others, tap the icon says people near you at the bottom of the screen, and find the people you want, tap it , and tap PVP or something like that) there are two kinds of PVP, first, both you and the target have the level difference less then 5, then you can attack it without his/her's response, if the difference is more then 5or 10 then you need to wait until they accept to fight. For PVE, it is the most important thing to know about. Because you mostly deal battle with monsters. Actually it is quite easy, because you just tap the monster or you got go through the monster or the monster go through you will all start the battle. Here comes the important part, the Speed decide who attack first in the round, that maybe not sounds important and it is actually not important in the low level time, but the speed is very very important in later. When in a turn, the monster Attack you first (attack, not automatic skill, which I will explain later) then that means the enemy's speed is higher then you (speed can be improved by add AGI or skill or armors or weapons) *Accuracy, another important thing to know, physical accuracy have a 30%absolute hit that means no matter how low your accuracy is, you still have 30%of chance to hit enemy. Magic accuracy is different , if your magic accuracy is lower the enemy's resistance,then it is nearly impossible to hit the enemy, btw magic accuracy also buff the damage of magic skill (+1magic accuracy that goes over enemy's magic resistance will boost 1% of damage of the skill) . Near defense and range defense, these defense can only resist the damage form that kind of attack, and no matter how high the defense, near and range defense can only resist 75%of damage. Critical attack can deal extra damage, all magic near and range attack can deal critical damage,to improve this ability, attribute your status point to Agi, or wear armor and weapon. To attack enemy, you can tap attack icon and tap your target and tap the enemy again for attack, you can locate your skill shortcut from your character information page( go to that page, tap the -> icon on the top of the screen, and you will see a shortcut tap that you can set your potion shortcut and skill shortcut. Once you finish the enemy, you will receive the EXP, money and item, the items are not 100% drop and different monster have different item drop. All drop items go to your bag, so clean your bag recently.*

Well, level up means you get more skill point, status point, can use more weapon and other stuff. The Maximum level in this game is LV55. So I label 1-25 as beginner and low level part, 26-45 as middle-level and 46-55 as high level part.
••••••••••Important part•••••••••
It is important that you finish all the quest or mission in all 4 place( the place where 4 different job located in 4 different place),because those quest and missions gives you enough exp that will let you go through lv25 or more.*

Not finish yet........(leveling,equipment, pet system, how to use USD wisely)

Just to announce that I plan to build a empire(country) in this game, anyone who is interesting in this game and have a heart that wants to rule a empire with me please send me email, I lov this game and I can provide many tips and shortcut that will save you many time and money(if you want to ).

Please ask me question

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12-30-2010, 05:54 AM
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Longest post ever?

12-30-2010, 05:59 AM
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Why have you got a guide for a game that aint out yet? Very long post, was hard to read it all.

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12-30-2010, 06:07 AM
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Originally Posted by triggywiggy View Post
Why have you got a guide for a game that aint out yet? Very long post, was hard to read it all.
Sorry for the long reading, I just want people to get interested in this game before it come out, cuz this game is really awesome , you can see the Chinese version for graphics
12-30-2010, 06:22 AM
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Are you one of the devs?

Hi, you seemed to be lost on the Internets.
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12-30-2010, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Vovin View Post
Are you one of the devs?
No I am not
12-30-2010, 05:14 PM
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I can't be interested before I see some screens or a video, or trust the person who wrote it, sorry!

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12-30-2010, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by swishinj View Post
I can't be interested before I see some screens or a video, or trust the person who wrote it, sorry!
Then go to app store,search empire online and tap the first app you see with Chinese word tap in then you will see the screen shot or you can download it to see it for your self,and if you have problem reading Chinese,ask me
12-30-2010, 11:23 PM
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Looks interesting to me. Maybe like a MMO Age of Empires, or Civilization? I'll be checking it out.

Thanks Jamukk
12-30-2010, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by nnnevvv View Post
Looks interesting to me. Maybe like a MMO Age of Empires, or Civilization? I'll be checking it out.

Thanks Jamukk
You are welcome