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App description: In this game you can improve your character with special items and skills. You can buy items in shop area or find them on battlefield. Also you can sell items. For each kill you get experience. On each level you get 1 free point for skills. Also your character get stronger each level.

- 9 unique skills
- Inventory with unique storage system
- 90 items, 3 types of armor and 4 types of weapon
- 4 battlefield with different difficulties.
- Each type of enemy has his attack style. There is melee and range type of units.
- Shop area

ojtitus's comments:

Interesting looking dual stick shooter and I love DSS. The price is right so I'll TOFTT and post impressions later.
01-02-2011, 10:55 AM
Joined: Jul 2010
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I've had a chance to play the game for a while and it's pretty fun to play but is kind of basic. There is four difficulty settings to play through but each difficulty only has 11 waves of enemies. The game levels are pretty big and have treasure chests to gain new equipment and money, the levels also contain bombs to help deal with the enemies. Your character levels up so you can upgrade a number of different skills and equip new items. The store is not set up very well as it is just signs set up on the overworld. Overall it's a fun game but needs some polish.