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MultiPong price drop 3.99>0.99

01-11-2011, 04:17 PM
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MultiPong price drop 3.99>0.99

Mutipong’s price drop from $3.99 to $0.99 for a limited time only.
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01-11-2011, 04:37 PM
I bought this at its original price. This is the best Pong game on the market today. There isn't anything that comes even close to its presentation and gameplay. Lotsa eye-candy and lotsa fun!

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01-11-2011, 04:48 PM
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looks awesome, how many GC achievements are in there?

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There's this thing they invented way back in the 80's, it's called a "Joke". You may want to look into it...
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01-11-2011, 05:02 PM
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Might have to pick this one up...

How does the it look on the Retina? Great...I assume
01-11-2011, 05:52 PM
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Something like 20 GC achievements , some of them are hidden!
01-14-2011, 04:27 AM
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On Retina it's great, i guaranty it
01-14-2011, 07:48 AM
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Its the best pong/air-hockey type game out there. Even though thats not saying much considering most others are less than desirable to say the least. But this one is really good. I havent played it on the iPhone yet, so cant comment how it performs there, but its easily worth 99cents for the iPad version alone.
01-14-2011, 11:23 AM
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Is there online multiplayer or just local?
01-14-2011, 07:34 PM
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There is NO online multiplayer yet, just local with friends and game center for leader-boards and achievements.