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Request for games thread/wish list

01-13-2011, 10:22 PM
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Request for games thread/wish list

I didn't find anything like this. I am pretty sure these forums are often checked out by game developers and I was wondering if there should be a thread like this. Actually, I've been wondering this for a long time, since I have had something in my mind that belongs to this category already for some time..

But before I go and ask if someone would be interested developing such a game, maybe there should be some simple guide lines for this thread so every idea wouldn't be posted on here, after all, only a fraction of them will happen. If even that. Who knows.

Anyway, there are tons of classic games out there, which can be ported.. Well, not so much ported, as there propably ain't source code available and that would be propably a bigger job than re-creating a simple game from scratch.. But yeah, there are old games that could have a idevice versions, some of them are already done, and some of them.. Have been forgotten, you know a simple old classic game? This thread is great to remind other people as well of those games.. Well, there are ofcourse some limitations, and it won't propably be the same, but a good clone maybe? This just because of copyrights and so on..

Also, there are newer games there also, wouldn't it be great that someone would port for e.g. WOW for idevice? Well, that ain't happening, first because of that it's a registered trademark, therefore creating an unauthorized version would propably be some sort of a theft.. And secondly, no one is going to do a "copy" of a project of that size. Atleast I wouldn't, if I'd like to do something similar to existing product, I would make it mine by my own graphics, story and other properties rather than going for duplication..

Also, you could post a great idea, about a game that maybe doesn't exist on any platform anywhere in the world. But before you post, realize this:
- a publishing game developer does not owe you anything from the idea. It's not a theft and it's too bad that you were thinking of doing it by yourself one day and now someone else did it and makes big bucks for it. If you want to publish a game with your idea, keep your secret.
- a game developer is an artist. A multi-talented artist or group of artists forming an alliance. When you describe your idea, someone might catch to it and when it comes out, it's nothing that you imagined. Why? Because someone else did it instead of you and saw it differently in his/her mind. This is okay, it's called artistic freedom. A game developer has rights too
- Your idea might be used only partly. This thread is supposed to be innovative, and give ideas to game developers. They are allowed to mix ideas, possibly even to old projects that they have been working with..
- Your idea might not catch wind at all. It might be too hard to do even if idea is great. Or maybe a developer just thinks that this won't sell. Don't worry.
01-13-2011, 10:26 PM
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Alleycat for idevice/mac

This is one of the first games that I played on PC when I was a kid. It was great. And still is. Unfortunately playing with virtualPC / Dos Box / etc sucks and I think this game would be great on my iphone. It's old classic called alley cat.

Here's a link to site where you can download it and see even a video of some gameplay: http://www.dosgamesarchive.com/download/alley-cat/

I wish that a game developer would create this for iphone or a version of this
Even with original graphics it is great, but wouldn't mind if a developer would use some imaginary and
maybe make it even a bit bigger game if he/she gets ideas for new screens..
It's freeware.

01-13-2011, 11:13 PM
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I want to just rephrase your post to show why your idea wouldn't succeed.

Almost all old games are copyrighted, even free ones. Good luck finding someone who can legally give you a license. If you don't have the title of the game and simply copy it, everyone screams that you stole someone else's game and how awful you are.

You said developers are artists, and good artists create original art, not copy someone else's work.

Retro games dont succeed on the App Store as much as modern ones do. Hook series and pix'n'love rush were very modern games masked with pixeled graphics. They wouldn't work on old systems.

And porting a game is much more work than you think.

Old games are also much harder than popular modern games, so a pure port wouldn't work.

Sorry to shoot down your dreams man, but this just wouldn't work.
01-14-2011, 12:28 AM
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Mighty Bomb Jack
01-14-2011, 02:36 AM
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Hi there!
01-14-2011, 05:41 AM
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Whether it happens or not - we need the original N64 Goldeneye, or a very close copy.

If something online is free, you are not the customer - you are the product.
01-14-2011, 09:02 AM
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Resident Evil 1 and 2 (the psx versions)!!
and more importantly, Star Rider - but only if Revolutionary Concepts does the conversion!