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App description: From the creators of critically-acclaimed "Project Phoenix" and "Ultraviolet Dawn" titles comes a new, epic adventure. Set in a universe that was peacefully cohabited by space-faring civilizations of Hedgehogs and Cacti for eons, this one-touch, real-time hybrid strategy/action game begins when one dark, fateful night, the Cacti suddenly attack.

The Hedgehogs put up a brave fight, but the element of surprise is strong, and a great many planets are lost to the invading Cacti. Only then do the Hedgehogs realize that during the last period of peace and prosperity the Cacti have been secretly building immense battle fleets equipped with the latest in Cacti military technology. Although the Hedgehogs bravely and bitterly resist, they are technologically outmatched, and their losses are great.

And so now, one thousand years later, the once-great Hedgehog civilization has been reduced to a handful of planets still within their control. You, and only you, can save them and lead the Hedgehogs back to their former glory - or plunge them into complete demise. The fate of the entire civilization rests on your shoulders. Do not disappoint.

- 11 powerful fleet upgrade items.
- 11 special single-use items, including Asteroid Strike and Death Ray.
- Two gameplay styles - instant battles or player-guided, action-packed battle scenes.
- 15 Game Center Achievements!
- Campaign, single game, or timed challenge modes.
- Control your entire fleet with just a couple of touches.
- Use multitouch to split your ships into several groups for different attack strategies.
- Three difficulty levels.
- One or two AI opponents in Single Map mode.
- Local and global high scores.
- Intense, driving music and awesome sound effects.

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09-08-2012, 09:10 PM
I recently tried this and I am surprised this was not very successful. It is much more enjoyable than Spaceward Ho and does feel right on the platform.

It's a fast paced 4X RTS where you can conquer a decent sized map in 10-15 mins. On top of the basic formula of expand your borders, build more ships and add momentum to your conquest through numbers there is a tech tree and even super weapons and defenses. Yes, I stand by my belief that the Death Ray which can blow up a planet is a defensive weapon. I never discovered a more effective way to close a war front than to blow it up.

Possibly the coolest part is that it features an involved tactical battle system which takes a bullet hell shooter approach to fleet battles. This is basically Vincere Totus Astrum done right.