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like to work on the next insanely successful game?

01-14-2011, 11:45 PM
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like to work on the next insanely successful game?

im an indie artist, designer, good at contributing ideas

with a solid background in animation pre production, concept development,
and with good analytical skills - ive written at article at go-idea.org
about the elements it takes to make a great iphone game

if nothing else, the article is a useful stating point for your own thinking.
Theres also reviews of games and my own illustrations

Id like to contribute to a small indie team developing the next
awesome spectacularly successful casual game on the iphone
for the financial benefit of the whole team who wouldnt

i dont know a thing about code, but im good at contributing ideas,
and know how to give a game character and personality etc ..
just putting the idea out there .. see who responds ..go-ideas.org

casual games in the market already, that have simple engaging visual ideas,
are excellently made and have a lot of appeal, are for example
Fruit ninja - cut the rope - and angry birds

the competition is so fierce now, you have to make a game that stands out.
In brief, for casual games on the iphone, that means a simple engaging visual concept
that surprises, is excellently done. with a lot of charm
something animators pay a lot of attention to

the game should give so much extra value the players enthusiasm builds
to the point where they think " this game is awesome "
Then they go and tell all their friends - they do the selling for you.

the game needs lots of appeal and charm, plus addictive to play

that's how " Cut the Rope " sold 1 million units units in 10 days,
how "angy birds " sold over 2 6 million and how
" Fruit ninja " from Brisbane, sold 2 million and counting


how do i add a signature ? .... question answered !

there's a touch of animators madness at go-ideas

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01-15-2011, 12:00 AM
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how do i add a signature ?
Click on User CP, go to settings and options on the left side, then click on "Edit Signature".
01-15-2011, 12:27 AM
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got it .. thanks TooTinyMan

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