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Gamers now play on the iphone-Capcom

01-21-2011, 08:03 AM
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Gamers now play on the iphone-Capcom

Interesting article on PG http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Vario...ws.asp?c=26855 According to Capcom a big chunk of PC and Handheld gamers are moving to the IOS platform to get their gaming fix.

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01-21-2011, 08:25 AM
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Capcom, if you are reading this, please provide more character DLC (more than happy to pay!) for Street Fighter IV.

Maybe even the DLC upgrade to SSFIV!

I've placed geocached DRM-free USB copies of my newest game in various locations throughout Europe and Southeastern US. Email me if you find 'em for the free "explorer" cape.

01-21-2011, 11:35 AM
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iOS tech is new. Handheld tech, ie DS and PSP, is old. It's antiquated and outdated. As of today, it's not a fair fight. Until the 3DS and PSP2 have been released, you cannot reasonably make the type of broad judgments that Capcom is making here. Of course people would refer an iPhone 4 to a 6 year-old PSP.

I believe the playing field will become much more leveled with the release of the 3DS.
01-21-2011, 11:45 AM
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IMO IOS ruined DS gaming for me. Seeing titles I bought for $30+ like GTACW and Robocalypse being sold for 6.99 and .99cc respectively In the appstore made me promise never to buy a DS game again. Since then I hardly even touch my DSI.

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01-21-2011, 12:16 PM
The 3DS is about to land, so we'll see that things are like in a couple of years. Meanwhile portable gaming doesn't get too much better than an iPhone 4 - that screen is something else.
01-21-2011, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by The Lonely Bee View Post
The 3DS is about to land, .
as is the Ipad2 and the Iphone5...

the 3DS isn't looking all that strong to me anyway. I certainly don't see it as the future of handheld gaming. In fact, I suspect the "3D bubble" is on the verge of bursting. People are already growing tired of hearing about 3D again...just like its always been in the past whenever the next big thing is supposed to be 3D.
01-21-2011, 01:30 PM
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I dont know if im a minority in this but currently i do most of my gaming on my ipod touch. I still to play some pc games and console games with friends sometimes but i have grown to love iOS gaming. Outside of the crazy steam sales, pc and console games are pretty pricey. One could argue you get what you pay for and to a certain extent i might agree. The app store offers some amazing games at amazing deal like lego hp, world of goo etc. Ive played some amazing iOS games that were .99c and some extremely disappointing $50 pc games.

Ive grown to love the app store so much that im considering getting a ipad2 primarily for all the games. Plus the psp and the dsi/3ds are dedicated gaming and sure they might be able to offer better graphics but can they pause mid game switch music playlists, check email/the net and resume the game, i think not.

Interested to see what others have to say about the topic
01-21-2011, 01:53 PM
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I'm definitely planning on picking up an Ipad2 very soon after release. I use the iphone a ton for gaming and so do my two boys and even my wife. Yeah, the fact that you can do so many different things with the idevices is a huge strength afaic. In the past, cellphones that have been touted as having that sort of "multimedia" potential have been a massive failure in that regard. The screens were too small as were the keypads and they were underpowered and basically useless for anything other than phonecalls and texting. Thats changed...the idevices are the real deal - you can actually do some meaningful stuff on them including gaming, browsing, email, etc...hell I even watch the occasional TV show via netflix on the phone and its perfectly enjoyable. the screen is great frankly and I've only got a 3GS.
01-21-2011, 02:16 PM
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Then where is the rest of the Ace Attorney series, Capcom? Where is Ghost Trick for the West?
Anyway, I was thinking about buying a Go or a DS to play those deeper, higher quality games... but:

1. No auto-save. You call that "portable"?!
2. Since I am in a German-speaking country, it will be a real PITA to get the games in English. Localizations suck.
3. Selection in general sucks too. Europe doesn't get some of the more interesting games.

So, ya. I have to hope that Apple does something to enable more hard-core games to thrive, I guess...

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01-21-2011, 04:40 PM
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Yea IOS can handle Unreal Engine 3, Id Tech 5 & Crytek are looking for devs that know how to use the IOS. While the DS & 3DS can't handle those engines, and the PSP 3 says it has specs that are half as good as a PS3 but barely anybody still develop games for PSP because its the least selling gaming console of this generation & the PSP go helped mess it up. IOS gaming is the future & that's it.