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App description: The awsome App had been listed on the New and Noteworthy and What's hot category!
This App has been listed on Cult of Mac as one of the Must-Have iOS Games.
Please check out the game video on our website.

- CrazyControl 2 is unlike any of the existing side scrolling games that youve seen, or played, before.
- Imagine an energetic, challenging and exciting game with multiple characters under your control.
- CrazyControl 2 starts with two characters running side-by-side, with the number of characters multiplying until a maximum of six characters must be controlled by a player at once.
- This game is challenging and as such demands the full attention of new players. But after a player perfects their skills and clears the final stage, they can easily chat on messenger and talk on the phone, at the same time.

The forest of eternity that protects the village is threatend by an unidentified evil spirit. Many of the trees in the forest are barren, and strange things begin to happen in the forest. The villagers are being threatened by unknown monsters. To solve the mystery, the village chief orders his guards to find the source of evil. The guards get closer and closer to uncovering the source of the evil, but when they have almost succeeded, a monumental betrayal transpires.

- Dynamic Episode Mode
The Dynamic Episode Mode consists of 60 stages in total. Players start with two characters, with more characters added as the stages progress. By the final stage, players must control six characters, simultaneously.

- 3 Layer Classic 2D Animation
CrazyControl 2 offers the whimsical graphic atmosphere of classic 2D animation fairy tales.

- Upgrade System
Get upgrades on multi-jumps, attacks, defenses, sliding time, hang time, attack time and lethal moves from the coin and jewel shop. Upgrades can be collected from each episode to be used when the player needs them.

- Navigation Map
The map enables players to navigate their position in the story and helps them decide where to travel to next.

- Endless Battle
After perfecting your playing skills in the many stages of the Dynamic Episode Mode, a player is ready to venture into the highlight of CrazyControl 2, the Endless Battle Mode. In the Endless Battle Mode, the same upgrades from the Dynamic Episode Mode are applied and different units are combined for attacking.

- Game Center Integration
Players can check their rankings (high scores, high combos, long distances (Endless Battle Mode)) on the Leader Board.

A multi-player battle function will also soon be implemented.

Website http://www.chocobaji.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ChocobajiApps
Twitter http://twitter.com/ChocobajiApps

Vovin's comments:

I can't tell exactly what this is.
It could be a 2D side scrolling jump'n'run RPG.
01-22-2011, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Vovin View Post

I can't tell exactly what this is.
It could be a 2D side scrolling jump'n'run RPG.
There is a video on Youtube; at its core it basically appears to be a RPG-themed (with story and character upgrades) runner-type game (reminds me most of Run Like Hell), where you eventually control up to six characters on two levels simultaneously, tapping to jump, duck and attack things.

Might be worth the price if it plays well.
01-23-2011, 10:43 PM
CrazyControl 2: a running game/simple RPG

Never mind...

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01-23-2011, 11:12 PM
Originally Posted by S.I.D. CrAzY View Post
Damn -- searched at least three times under different variations of the name. Thanks for the head's up.
01-23-2011, 11:13 PM
There's plenty of running games in the App Store, but this is something else entirely. In fact, I think of it as the hardcore version of a running game, both because it gets hard enough to require your undivided attention (unlike most casual games), and because of the depth and polish -- we're talking story, cut-scenes, power-ups, multiple levels and environments, rankings, RPG-style leveling, etc. All of this would be for nought if the control were not spotless -- as it happens, they are.

In any event, for .99 it's definitely worth a look, even for folks (like me) who are not fans of endless running

EDIT: Here's the video mentioned above:

Youtube link | Pop Up

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