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App description: A match-5 action puzzler with a twist. If you know the feeling when collecting tons of bubbles in Bust-A-Move, or collecting tons of rings with Sonic, then you'll understand the appeal of The Greedy Sponge.

However, be warned: this game starts relaxing, but it can get frantic towards the end. Nothing for people with a pacemaker.

What do iTunes customers around the world say about us:

"Really simple, yet massively addictive game. If you like puzzle/block games, then GET THIS."
- Stephen Staver (USA)

"This is a great game that never fails to keep me entertained and relaxed! It's addictive, stable, and looks great on retina display! Download it! You'll love it!"
- SteveAllen86 (UK)

"Love it! - Great graphics and a very fun game"
- Chontyyy (Australia)

== HOW TO PLAY? ==
Slide rows of Thingies left and right to find the best way to disconnect a large group of Thingies, which will drop down to the mouth of the Greedy Sponge. The more you disconnect at once, the happier he will be.

== NOTES ==
This is a universal App with support for all iOS devices and iPhone4 Retina Display.

Greedy's comments:

iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-greedy-sponge/id412577023
TRAILER http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_txfsu49Fw

The Greedy Sponge is an addictive and relaxing puzzle game, which you can play over and over again, each time pushing your score higher and higher.

A perfect gap-filler: easy to get sucked into, easy to get out of it, and easy to resume again.

The relaxing soundtrack is done by Martin Straka, best known for his music in Spirits for iPhone and iPad.

Slide rows of Thingies left and right until you find the most efficient way to disconnect a large group, which afterwards falls into Greedys gaping maw. The more you disconnect at once, the more you make him happy. But be careful! The 'Thingies' will increase their speed, so you'll have to be fast!

03-17-2011, 03:55 PM
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A slightly different take on a matching game.

You must create matches of 5 or more by grouping Thingies together. You do this by tapping on the left or right side to eliminate the gaps in the middle of the rows - the Thingies move into the middle to occupy any gap. You are trying to disconnect as many as possible below that row. You can also disconnect by selecting a Thingie row that, when moved inward, causes a disconnection below it. Part of the strategy is that you can only move a row left/right a finite amount, so there is some foresight required in setting up matches.

The leaderboards are limited, though, and you only show up once you've gotten more than 10,000 points. Online leaderboards would be a great addition along with achievements.

I'd also suggest that you provide a way to return to the main menu from within the tutorial - currently you can only just start playing a game.

Overall, fun matching game, not too stressful, nice music, good graphics (looks nice on the iPad) and a bit more thinking involved.