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Air Hockey for iPad (Multiplayer) will definitely drive you crazy and we bet you will love it. After months of research and game designing, we have crafted Air Hockey game for you to feel a unique experience. Air Hockey is a very crisp game that can be played by following few basic gaming rules.
All you have to do is to score maximum number of goals by hitting the puck into the opponents goal post.

Two Game Modes:
1.Single Player - 3 difficulty modes such as Rookie, Medium and Tough
2.Multi Player - Play via Bluetooth*

You can also set the number of goals i.e minimum 3 goals can be set and maximum is 15.
You will really feel the adrenalin rise when you drag/swipe the player to hit the puck. Keep playing until the number of goals is scored.

* When you score a goal, a goal pop up will be displayed, both Bluetooth users have to touch the player images simultaneously to resume playing.

Unique Features:

Well-designed game play with months of research
Amazing sound effects and graphics
Smooth playing and animations
Multi Player via Bluetooth option available

Air Hockey is a must have apps for your iPad, enjoy playing your favorite game now..!

Nina Singh's comments:
Air Hockey for iPad is a very interesting multi-player game which will definitely drive you crazy. In updated version 1.2 you will find two new themes added in this game to make the game even more interesting. Play Air Hockey and feel the blood rush to your brain.

Air Hockey is a must have apps for your iPad, enjoy playing your favorite game now..!

iTunes Link : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/air-hockey-for-ipad-multiplayer/id409294233?mt=8
01-27-2011, 07:30 AM
I have played this game in iPhone actually.. I felt the screen is small in iPhone but will not be in iPad i think so.. Though its a very interesting and addictive game we can play with our friends in other side.. thats very cool man