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iPad: "Simon Says..." (USA #1 iPad App Nov'10) v2.0!

01-27-2011, 11:15 PM
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"Simon Says..." (USA #1 iPad App Nov'10) v2.0!

Just wanted to let our memory-game loving players know that we'll soon be wrapping up version 2.0 "Simon Says..." (And it's still free!)

We're very pleased with the results, and hope everyone else is too! Here's the current change-log:


- A New Default Game Board (and background) Design which intensifies as you progress!
- New Unlockables! (Disable Ads, Board Themes, & More!)
- New Achievements!
- 12+ New Button Color Sets!
- 9+ New Board Themes!
- A New Game Mode!
- Settings + FAQ!
- Swedish Localization!


- Removed an assortment of eastereggs, and opened them up as unlockables. Some users were accidentally enabling reverse mode, and thinking their game was broken. Oops!
- Decreased the volume of the game-over buzzer slightly.
- Removed the alternate seasonal theme toggle.

Bug fixes:

- Ads no longer refresh mid-game. This was causing a slight lag spike each time, which could interfere with gameplay.
- The game should no longer buzz at you if you re-enter it after exiting mid-game
We're essentially done, and are currently conducting a final beta test using TestFlight. For any who would like to join, you can contact us here: simon2beta@madcapstudios.com

Free in-app purchases enabled for all beta testing devices.

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01-28-2011, 05:21 AM
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"Simon Says..." (USA #1 iPad App Nov'10) 2.0 (Beta Now Open!)


Click to Beta Test This Game

Beta test distribution is done using TestFly.

Thanks to all who participate!

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