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Physical puzzle game - Bounus Samurai

01-29-2011, 10:55 PM
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A Physics Puzzler - Bound Samurai

Once upon a time, there was a warrior samurai whose name was Kung Ben. He enjoyed a life filled with indulgences, mainly acquiring his favorite pleasurable influence: sake. Punch drunk on sake, this warrior samurai enjoys the finer pleasures in life. However, to obtain these pleasurable objects you must help Warrior Kung Ben on his journey to obtain his Sake. Help this little warrior get to his bonuses to fulfill his pleasurable destinies, and make his life an enjoyable on.e Bonus samurai is an original masterpiece of a game that combines the skill, fun factor, and goals of similar top paid games into one skillfully, stylish and intricate bonus system

Game Description (Samurai strategy)
The samurai begins each level far away from his goal. Like all samurai, you must use logic, practice, precision, and patience to reward your hero with the luxuries he so desires. Have fun slicing, dicing and maneuvering the hero around the obstacles to ensure that he receives his level bonus. But be careful, one false slice and you will find yourself at the beginning, trying to retrace exactly what went wrong.

Game Difficulty (Sword Happy)
The game starts out at a basic level of gameplay, allowing you to learn how to play the game, exercise your level of skill, and feel good about your progress. However, after a few levels, you must use this enhanced level of skill to confidently cut your way through the obstacles that stand in the way of your samurai’s progress. Cut at the right time, and you will be rewarded with 3 stars, but make one false move at the wrong time, and you will find yourself lacking both stars and SAKE! The game will also test your patience! Don’t get too sword-happy or too greedy….Instead use the martial art and precision of a real samurai warrior to advance your player through the most difficult levels.

Game Addiction (Slice til you drop)
This game starts out pretty basic. This is to help you establish timing and precision. However, the game increases with difficulty just as your skill and precision begin to accumulate. The levels will start to challenge you to such an extent that the game itself will be tremendously difficult to put down, even if you want to go to sleep.

There are 60 different levels available in this version, every single level presents different challenges and skill.

There are only two conditions to get through the game:
- The samurai must get the end-of-level bonus
- The samurai can't fall off out of the screen

Various Obstacles
Wooden – normal
Balloon - floating
Glass - slippery
Sponge - elastic
Iron - can’t be cleared

Use your finger to clear the different obstacles and allow the gliding samurai to get to the level bonuses to finish the game.

Online achievement
Players can see how they stack up versus some of the most skilled samurai in the world via online leaderboards, facebook posts, twitter and gamecenter achievements

Gameplay video: video

The game will launch in mid-February

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01-30-2011, 07:27 AM
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Looking forward to it!!!!!

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Gameplay - Trailer: