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App description: A crew of friendly aliens got attacked while exploring an unknown planet, and they need help getting out with some precious cargo. BeamOut takes the best from block breaker and tilt arcade games and melts them together for a whole new fun experience. Ever wanted to take control of that little ball and finally get the last stubborn remaining block? This is your chance. Control your UFO using smooth and simple tilt action or d-pad control, smash into blocks, and avoid enemies.


30 levels in 3 beautiful environments.
Simple tilt action or d-pad controls.
Lasers, rotating barriers, enemy UFO's, rockets included.
BIG ending boss.
Awesome soundtrack.
HD Retina display graphics.
Game Center and OpenFeint to record your scores and get achievements.

Qiller's comments:


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02-15-2011, 11:09 AM
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Game Impressions

Got a promo code, and played through the game.

Gameplay: Levels are very well designed, and have a good variety of challenge. You have to roll your ball/spaceship around a level collecting colored pegs and sheep (which run away), while dodging dangerious obstacles and aggressive black sheep.

Content: There's about 30 levels, which isn't a lot nowadays, and they only last around a minute or two each, assuming you don't die.

Graphics: Great. Clean, colorful, fun, and well done.

Controls: Annoying. It's essentially a ball-rolling game, but your "ball" moves so slugishly, it's hard to really enjoy it. You're constantly fighting the controls, and not the enemies/obstacles. You can eventually get used to them, and I still managed to place 1st in the leaderboards, but they could be way better, and probably put off all but the more dedicated within the first level or two.

Conclusion: A pretty fun game, but marred by slugish controls. Tip: switch to joystick, it's slightly less frustrating.

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02-15-2011, 11:41 AM
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I totally agree with strivemind. I thought the game had a pretty interesting concept and I really wanted to enjoy it but the controls really put me off. I couldn't get anywhere with them set to tilt and there were still problems using the joystick--it was hard to move accurately. There is a way to recalibrate the tilt controls, but it doesn't seem to work properly if you want to play on more than few degrees off of perfectly parallel from the floor. That and an option to set tilt sensitivity would be great. I suppose that it might be the game was balanced with that in mind, however, and with great controls it might be way too easy. I think the controls could be worked on and the game re-balanced if it causes a problem with the difficulty.

Otherwise, yeah the graphics are great and the gameplay has a lot of potential. It's hard to recommend without some better controls, but maybe it will really appeal to some because it's a very unique experience, being a sort of mix between Breakout and pinball. Maybe a lite version will help it along and let people know if the controls will be a problem for them.

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02-15-2011, 01:24 PM
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I still need to leave a proper review on the App Store, however I really enjoyed my time with BeamOut, almost completing the first 10 levels. I just had to adjust to the controls and ship movement and everything started to click. I think the complaints about the controls are just the way that the UFO moves, which is a part of learning the game and not poor controls. I use the D-Pad though, so I cannot comment on tilt controls.