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Suggestions for Battleheart by Mika Mobile

02-08-2011, 03:56 PM
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Suggestions for Battleheart by Mika Mobile

I see the other thread, but the title is of patches, and the topics inside, though have great feedback, are drowned out by great strategies and positive comments.

So, the new game I hold dear, I offer some suggestions. I hope other people can offer suggestions. Even if the creators of this game do not look at them. Just for the sake of venting perhaps.

Also, if someone reads this and can prove it already exists, by all means please say so I and I will delete that part of the post!

Hello Mika Mobile!

I absolutely love the game Battlehearts.
It's simplicity on the outside, and complex rpg-ness on the inside makes this a brilliant game.

As a critical journalist, I think my best trait is finding ways to improve everything.
Also finding flaws in everything.
Even if I really don't understand the workings behind what I look at.

So, I offer some suggestions on ways to improve the game.
because I feel I could give it some subtle details well worth the time to add them.

First Problem:
No good way to view level of characters apart from adding to party, and no way to view their old descriptions after hiring.

I am guessing you are leaving the bottom of the screen realty available for new characters or something like that.
If you were to add a little stats display to the bottom, that would make this screen a lot more useful.
It's a huge pain to find which characters are the lowest level in your keep to level them up.
It's also somewhat a pain if you forget which are your best in order to defeat some boss.
Just level display, and class. Maybe add the two stats.
OR, if you don't mind making it a bit more robust:
add an arrow that changes the screens to view all stats of the people you can control currently.

To go the extra mile:
Rework the screen.
Place all squares to the left.
Covers half the screen.
Smaller squares if you plan to add more chars in the future.
The other half of the screen is a character stats window.
Shows character.
Displays name, level, class.
shows inventory of char.
above that window is a "add to party" button. greyed out if the party is full.
Tap portrait as before to take out the current party character.

To satisfy all problems:
If no rework - have a small arrow on the bottom. The arrow takes you to a NEW screen with the description of the character. That small background that I loved reading when I was hiring them.
The same area can have stats, etc. This would take away the need to rework anything on the current screen.

If rework - the left stats window has a small arrow to the left of it, the cycles displaying the stats or the background story of the character.

The Monk
I don't know if I missed it in the description, or if I was told this before I hired him - but there is no mention of the monk being a tank class. In fact for a bit I was rather annoyed that he would take a cyclops before my knight did. After I noticed he doesn't take much damage, but all the same it was no a natural transition to make him a tank.

This is another reason for adding descriptions to the characters in the keep.
"The Monk is devoted to protecting the lives of others from the unnecessary beings now living in the world. Using cunning techniques ages old, he is able to strafe heavy blows, mitigate pain, and direct all attention to him just as a knight would, without the heavy armor. "

- Then it would still not be REALLY obvious, keeping mystery, but indirect information saying he is a tank class is available should the player be so inclined.
- Though I did enjoy finding this out on my own, the point where I was slightly frustrated thinking it was a bug not a feature, is the point I am trying to rectify. If you know a better way to do this (IE changing class name), it is probably your best bet.

I had a couple others, but I forgot due to the time taken to write this already. Really though I love this game as is. Each night before bed I like to relax a bit via gaming, and this takes up an hour easily, more if I think of sacrificing sleep time!

Thanks for reading!

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02-08-2011, 03:58 PM
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Great idea! I'll make up my list.

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02-14-2011, 02:53 AM
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Hi, sorry that i'm not creating my opwn thread but i liked what have in mind and i wanted to add something. I'm loving the game and have got my friends into it but we can't seem to do anything other than compair levels. I was hoping that a multiplayer option can be added using bluetooth. Being able to send my force up against a friends would really add another level.

Hope you read this.
02-14-2011, 05:22 AM
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I agree with the paradoxical nature of the characters' names vs their actual roles. I chose the Barbarian as part of my party expecting him to be the main TANK while thinking the Monk would be weaker and less prone to taking more damage. Turns out I was dead wrong

I love the game as well, and am trying to squeeze every last drop out of it before it ends. Oh... did I mention, I don't WANT it to end? I want the levels, experience, gold and new items to keep coming for years and years to come... the game's just that darn good

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02-14-2011, 08:27 AM
i wish i can give order when i pause, like in KOTOR or Dragon Age
02-23-2011, 04:35 PM
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New update will show the level of the character.
02-23-2011, 09:18 PM
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this game needs paladins (healer/knight mix) and doomknights (Mage/Berzerker mix)

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02-25-2011, 03:57 AM
Suggestions for New Classes and Features

I used my brain for a couple of ideas, so you may consider a realisation of those.
I also thought of a new feature of the game.


why? -because we have to few supporters, a slightly healing / tanking character would offer more tactics for the game
abilities? -Auras, passive healing, passive deflect, passive buffs - those abilities are always on, but just one at a time

- lvl 1 strengh aura, for switch on, which buffs all in a radius around him (so you need to use him next to group members) - power aura

- lvl 5 he could lern deflecting aura works similiar to the one above - holy aura
- lvl 5 healing aura see above but with less healing then the priest... - blessing aura

- lvl 10 power aura + armor +10%, +healing received for all around him+ 10%(passive)
- lvl 10 power aura + dmg +10%, +chance to evoke no cooldown + 5% for all around him (passive)

- lvl 15 paladin becomes healed for damage he takes for 10sec.
- lvl 15 paladin heals group for 10% damage he takes for 10sec.

...you may have some more ideas, but i think this is good beginning.

Over all he should be able to heal or tank, so you could use him as one both but his armor and dmg lie between pries and knight ... for balancing. weapons could be 2h-weapons, axes, hammers, swords.
Armor would be plates combined with robes.


why? –because a ranged DD for style is missing….:P…yeah Hunters kick ass
abilities? –summon a pet, debuff, confuse targets

- lvl 1 a standart high damage shot

- lvl 5 summon a pet equal to his level (bat, wolf, boar, bear, eagle for lvl 5,10,15,20,25,30) for 15sec taking all his aggro of his enemies
- lvl 5 slow the enemie and let him bleed for 20sec.

- lvl 10 attackspeed + 15% (passive)
- lvl 10 chance of attack evasion 15% (passive)

- lvl 15 all enemies are attacked by owls for 5sec. (they are not targetable and as small as a bat)
- lvl 15 a shot that lets the enemy run in fear for 10sec. and taking 150% of normal dmg

…so far, I have plenty more but you may too! :P

he will be able to free the group from multiple enemies for freeing casters and mages, or a ranged equal to the rogue with ranged attacks. weapons could be rifles, bows, crossbows, throwing knives, granades.


why? – another multirole class for more tactics and fun
abilities? – transform him into another class (similar to paladin auras), healing, tanking

In normal state without transformation, he is dealed like a caster (wynter)

- lvl 1 freeze the target with thendrils an make damage over time and heal the druid (not in other forms usable)

- lvl 5 transform into a boar for tanking with improves armor +50% and speed +5%
- lvl 5 transform into a tree lets you heal the party members by the strength of your weapon (see priest)

- lvl 10 dmg is improved +10% (passive) (changes the dmg AND healing in all forms)
- lvl 10 a hit to the druid will cause him to use his standart attack/heal by a chance of 20% to the actual target (see mages with level 20)

- lvl 15 all enemies are trapped in tendrils for 5sec. and dmg there victims while healing the group
- lvl 15 the druid debuffs the target to get back 20% dmg dealed (enemies will hurt themselves)

…those are my ideas for the druid.
he could where leather armor and should use staves.

New feature – CharGen

The player can go to the tavern and start creating his favoured charactertype…

the things he could do are choose class, choose hair or helmets, faces, gender, clothes, colors of each by simply using a mayor color for each part.
This will definitely cause people to play more and with improves fun, its psychological…:P.
The generation of a character will cost 500g + 200g for making him lvl 5, 600 for lvl 10 and so on.
The player will only be able to create characters to a maximum of 2 or 3 characters of each class, but he will be able to erase an old one for getting back 250g + 10g for each level of those.

Those are my ideas, I would like to know if you liked them and I would realy love to know if you consider to use those! :P
And even if not, I would appreciate to know why, cause I used my time to think of those.
I would like to have a feedback .