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App description: Move as fast as you can to form lines of at least 3 matching color blocks and watch them vanish! the more blocks you clear, the highest score you'll get.

Do your best using the falling blocks to set off chain combo and watch your score shoot to the stars.

Every single disappearance is always the result of your moves.

Each new level brings a new color and an exciting renewed tune to the puzzle, increasing the challenge more and more!
Slide, match, vanish...

Experience the adrenalin rush of comboline.

Find out how far you can go!

Giselle's comments:
Hi everybody, I'm Giselle, I want to show you all the first video game that I did with other 4 friends, and now it's on the AppStore, where we have the Lite version and a full version =) I cannot be happier, in reality all five of us, it's incredible to see the result of hard work published by Apple and available for the whole world... Really emotional situation for me.

How it works:
ComboLine is an action puzzle that consist in sliding blocks of different colors, horizontally or vertically from a board to create a line of at least three squares of the same color to make it vanish. Once a line is formed all the adjacent squares of the same color will vanish with it. The more blocks together before a disappearance, the highest score you'll get.

Every time a line (or more pieces attached to it) vanish, they left an empty space that will be full with the pieces of different colors that were right above them on the board.

The Combo:
If the fall of this preexisting blocks in the board causes new disappearances, this will bust the Combo (value that appears on top to the right of the screen) which multiplies the points obtained after a disappearance the amount of times indicated by the number.
-To keep this value from falling the player must act as fast as possible to find a new tris.
-To make this value grow more and more the player will have to analyze which square would cause chain disappearances, simply by looking the surrounding square pieces.
-In ComboLine there is no such thing as "lucky" disappearances nor accidental: Every point is always a result of the player choices.

The player can use four blocks of the same color to form a "Quad", bigger pieces that will move 2 lines and 2 columns. To make those vanish you have to put next to it at least one piece of the same color and you will get a lot of points.

ComboLine the game for everybody:
One of our most important goals was to create a game that could be played by every kind of person, casual gamers or experts. Our action puzzle starts very gently with just three colors, but every new level brings in a new color, making the challenge grow from level to level. The last color comes in after the player pass the 100 million points and its really hard to get to there.

There are three leader boards, one local (just for the device), then there is the classic "online Total", and one with the highest score of the last 24 hours ("online 24h").
To be able to upload your score is necessary to hit the "online Total" or the "online 24h" buttons in the Hi-Score Menu, otherwise your score will remain only in your device.

For further details, you can check all the albums, video, music, and news related to ComboLine on our Facebook page:
Please become fans!!!!

Thanks in advance

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i thought it said columbine.....my bad.

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"Comboline" is quite easy to remeber because is the combination of COMBO, what makes you win a lot of points and LINE that is what you have to form.

Try the lite version and you will understand beyond my short explanation how come Comboline is the perfect name for my game.

You can have a preview here.

Looking forward to hear your ideas about my game.

02-20-2011, 09:55 PM
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Hi everyone
I have news maybe quite pleasant to hear. Considering that more than one had issues reading "ComboLine" we fixed the situation:

since is necessary to make an update to go public with it, we used that opportunity to add new features to our game

We created a new gameplay mode,
other than the Adrenalin/Relaxing one. We called it "Training". The Training mode let the user to set the speed of the game and choose the level to start with. Either combination (Speed and starting color) would have a record (the total and the daily one)

The Training Mode give the user the possibility to:

For new users or those that haven't achieved a score as high as they would like.

This can be done by choosing the "slow" speed (which gives the players double as much time to play) so they can train themselves to "look" in different ways in order to be able to find the color matches every single time and never lose the Combo.

2. LEARN HOW TO BECOME EVEN BETTER AND FASTER: For those players that are good but arrived to a point in which can no longer break their own records.

This can be done by choosing the "normal" speed but starting from the level in which they find problems to go further. In this case they will have the opportunity to concentrate themselves and be fresh to respond better and be train to go beyond their usual highest score.

But not only that... We also thought about

3. PEOPLE WHOSE TIME DISPONIBILITY DEMAND A QUICK GAME: For those users that are waiting the bus, or those that want to play between classes, or right after lunch break at work and many cases that demands a short game, instead of starting to play in the Adrenalin Relaxing mode and having to pause it, ('cause if the player is good enough it can go forever)
For these cases we create the "1 minute" speed choice. In which the player can either start for the regular first level, or maybe if he wants to challenge himself he can choose a harder and more advanced level.

In the Training Menu picture you guys can see two "empty" spaces, that is because every new color will be unlocked once the user get to the proper level in the Adrenalin/Relaxing mode. So it won't spoil the surprise

As always any comment, doubt or anything just write.
Thanks in advance,

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We are currently working on the latest update for Comboline, in the mean time the Comboline FULL VERSION IS ON SALE! Get it for $0.99 just for this weekend!
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I'm actually pretty interested in this (even more so with the sale :P) but where is the feedback and the reviews?

07-23-2011, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Capsizing Heart View Post
I'm actually pretty interested in this (even more so with the sale :P) but where is the feedback and the reviews?

If you want to try it, you can download the Lite Version, it stops once you achieved 500 000 points though, but you can have a taste of what Comboline is about. We haven't contacted any videogame website to get a Review because we want to finish first our improvements, once we are done, we are definitively going for it.
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Originally Posted by Capsizing Heart View Post
I'm actually pretty interested in this (even more so with the sale :P) but where is the feedback and the reviews?

Comboline is excellent. It has been overlooked, but I would recommend this game to anyone interested in a sleeper hit. I've played countless hours of it. It's similar to Trism, but without the depth and complexity. Trism is my favorite puzzle game, so that is a compliment.

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That's all I needed to hear, will be making a purchase now. (:
11-22-2011, 03:23 PM
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The ComboLine New Release it's ready to be download!
Now way faster and more challenging than ever
Try it now!
If you have not tested Comboline before take a chance with the Lite version and see what's all about!