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iPad: Pixel Pig - Porky Peg-Popping Pachinko Feb 15th

02-10-2011, 03:26 PM
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Pixel Pig - Porky Peg-Popping Pachinko Feb 15th

Hey guys,

Long time lurker here at TouchArcade. I wanted to share my game: Pixel Pig. We are launching next Tuesday on iPad/iPhone (not universal) Mac/PC and Kongregate. The free versions and Android will come later this month.

Pixel Pig came out of the idea that I really liked games like Sushi Cat and Peggle, but I wanted more control over the ball once it was shot into the play-field. With Pixel Pig, once he's launched into the field, you can blast him upwards with the gas button or tilt your iPad to subtly steer him left or right.

We also have a pretty nifty upgrade system that's tied into the Achievements you earn. Please feel free to ask any questions about the game, an edited version of our press release is below:

Mar Vista, CA (February 8, 2011) – Smorpheus Games Laboratory, today announces the worldwide release of their first game titles: Pixel Pig and Pixel Pig HD. A fresh take on the pachinko puzzle game genre, Pixel Pig will be available for play on iPad, iPhone, PC, and Mac. iPad, PC, and Mac feature a special high-resolution version of the game called Pixel Pig HD.

Product Features
Genre: (Puzzle / Arcade)
Price:*$2.99 USD (All platforms)
Platforms: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/PC (Win7 & XP)/Mac (Intel-Only)
Official Website: http://www.smorpheus.com/PixelPig/

Unlike most other pachinko-type games, players never lose control of Pixel Pig: Use his gas button to blast him to the top of the game board, tilt your iPad or iPhone to alter his airborne path.

Pixel Pig features over 40 levels of gameplay. Each level has multiple score targets that go towards unlocking achievements. Achievements, in turn, are used to upgrade Pixel Pig giving him more efficient gas reserves, better tilt sensitivity, and increased girth.

Pixel Pig features full Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements at launch on iPhone and iPad.

Pixel Pig is built on the proven Unity engine and is rendered in 2.5D. It utilizes the advanced nVIDIA PHYSX physics engine to render engaging and realistic physics within Pixel’s strange world.

Pixel Pig features an original score composed by Josh Rathbun, an up-and-coming musician who has done a phenomenal job creating an energetic and entertaining set of original tunes and sound effects that bring Pixel Pig’s adventures to life.

Kongregate Edition
In addition to being available on premium platforms, Pixel Pig is simultaneously launching on the social games website Kongregate. This free version of the game will feature 20 unique levels and will act as the first of the demos for the full paid product.

02-14-2011, 09:13 PM
Looks awesome.
Glad it comes out tomorrow

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02-18-2011, 08:23 PM
Bought. So much fun! I love it!

One thing, though. Could the Gold Medal point requirements be a little lower? It's hard to get most of them.

Game(s) that I'm waiting for: Super Feed Me
GameCenter ID: Parakeet12
Plus+ ID: Pwnzor144
Gameloft Live ID: Parakeet12