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02-11-2011, 07:38 AM
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I'm looking for runners I haven't tried, as well as making a bit of a list of them.

Runners: (included app store ratings)
Canabalt (4/5)
Run like hell (3.5/5)
Monster dash(4/5)
Grim runners (4/5)
Jailbreaker (4/5)
I must run (3/5)
Little runner (4/5)
Rogue runner (3/5)
Robot Unicorn Attack(4/5)
Hook Worlds
Stylish dash- recent
Inspector Gadget
Cave run
Jailbreaker 2
Dino dash
Me wants bamboo.

It's difficult to define whether endless games like rat on a skateboard, or even gravity runner or so should be on the list, but I'm going to exclude it technically.

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02-11-2011, 08:16 AM
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Jailbreaker 2 is a good one. Simple but fun.
Chop Chop Runner
Gravity Guy (Great game)

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02-11-2011, 08:23 AM
Hurdler is one of the first iPhone running games, featured by Apple, chock full of stickman violence and a dash of puzzling.

02-11-2011, 08:45 AM
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Dalton the awesome ( new game )
Inspector Gadget
Robot Unicorn
02-11-2011, 09:39 AM
Cave Run? (shameless self promotion here)

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02-11-2011, 10:04 AM
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Grim Joggers and Dino Rush are my current favorites

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02-11-2011, 10:17 AM
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Mirror's Edge
Me Want Bamboo
Super QuickHook
Hook Worlds
Pig Rush
T-Sanner - kind of like a runner, but more based on reflexes.

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02-12-2011, 04:09 AM
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Ah some good ones.
02-12-2011, 11:16 AM
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Why does Run Like Hell get a 3.5? It should be a perfect 5 out of 5.
02-12-2011, 02:51 PM
Try Robot Runner it's new. (More shameless self promotion)