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Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Combat Guide

02-13-2011, 04:38 PM
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Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Combat Guide

Combat Guide

Primary Weapons


Ak-47: The first weapon you will ever use in online multiplayer. There are three variation of this guy. the basic AK-47, AK-47 with silencer, Golden Ak-47. The basic model has high damage and is best used in close quarter combat. It is more powerful than most of the other submachine guns but has very high recoil.

The AK-47 with silencer is unlocked at rank 52. This AK-47 does roughly the same damage as the basic model but with increased accuracy and moderately improved recoil. This is recommended as a close quarter assaualt weapon.

Golden AK-47 is unlocked at rank 72. It has 30% more damage than the basic model other than that accuracy and recoil is the same.


The MN106 is an assault rifle with three variations the basic model, the R.D (red dot) model, the silenced model and the camouflaged model. The basic model has far less recoil than the basic AK-47 but less damage usually takes 5-6 rounds to kill a player up close.

The Red dot model is exactly the same in damage, accuracy and recoil but has a hologram sight for a better view when your looking down your sights.

Silenced MN106 has less damage than the basic model usually takes 6-7 rounds to kill but has more accuracy and less recoil, it has has a quieter firing sound that can't be heard far way.

The camouflaged models is exactly the same as the basic model but with 30% more damage, only taking 4-5 round to kill. It also sports a snow camouflage handle.

S1 Custom

The first shotgun available to you in multiplayer is the S1 Custom. It has 7 rounds per clip, decent range and decent damage, not recommend for any maps other than Facility. The S1 Custom is pump action, requiring you to tap for each shot which makes it very unattractive to new players and pros even. It has the same reload speed of all the shotgun and enough ammo to keep you killing for a while before you switch to your secondary weapon.

Benelli M4

The Benelli M4 is unlocked at rank 17, it is semi automatic, has a faster firing rate and the S1 Custom and more powerful too. The Benelli M4 has a wide shot radius making hitting targets easier but the bullets disappear after a certain distance so hitting far away targets are impossible. It only holds 4 rounds for clip and has slow reload speed so make every shot count!


The M249 is the only large machine gun in the game unlocked at rank 6. It has 100 rounds per clip and a high firing rate and does more damage than most other assault rifles in the game. The disadvantage to this gun is that movement speed is heavily handicapped and aiming down your sights is very sluggish, reload speed is very slow compared to other guns and will leave you vulnerable to other players for a few seconds. The gun is also very big and will block a big portion of the right side of your screen. For a LMG it is surprisingly accurate and has controllable recoil.


The M40A3 is the most powerful sniper with the highest damage per bullet it takes 1 shot to the head to kill and 2 body shots to kill. It is unlocked at rank 4, 70% of snipers use this rather than the dradonitch and is used a lot in avalanche. this is because when used with 20% or 30% damage skill it one hit kills in the body. And if your a good sniper you can no scope one hit kill easily. Each clip contains 5 but after each shot there is a lag as the character loads the next bullet. It is the most accurate sniper and has the greatest effective damage range. The rate of fire is slow so make sure each shot counts! Also snipers have no crosshairs outside of their scope so its NOT recommended for close quarter combat if you encounter someone, switch to your secondary or grenade/flash them.


The dradonitch is unlocked at rank 14. This weapon is more of a crossover between the M40A3 and the Ak-47. It is semi-automatic and has a high rate of fire so you can repeatedly fire it. It is less accurate and has more recoil than the M40A3 but less than the AK-47. It take 1 bullet to the head to kill and 3 bullets to the upper body to kill. It can hold 10 rounds per clip and 25 spare so ammo is limited make sure to preserve ammo.


Like the M429 movement is handicapped and aiming is sluggish. The RPG-7 is unlocked at rank 19. The RPG is the only non-sniper without a crosshair for aiming so make sure you know where you are aiming unless you want to aim down your sights. The RPG is a one hit kill weapon to any part of the body, but it does not register headshot and has low splash damage. When using the RPG remember it can also kill your teammates and yourself.

Secondary Weapons

Berreta M9/ NX8 Handgun

They both are the same except for their looks you get the M9 if your are Army and NX8 if your are resistance. Both have 15 rounds per clip and capable of killing in one shot to the head and about 3-5 body shots other than that its a very basic weapon with average recoil, accuracy and gives you increased speed. There is also a silenced version with less slightly damage and more accuracy and less recoil.

Desert Eagle/Vulcan

The Desert Eagle (Army)/Vulcan (Resistance) is the loudest gun you will ever use, the sound can be heard from far away but it is also the strongest pistol in game it unlocked at rank 10. It takes 1 shot to the head to kill and 2 body shots to kill. The bullet loses some damage over a distance so it's recommended to use it close range to preserve it's high damage. It fires slower than the Berreta M9/ NX8 and has less ammo, 7 rounds per clip, it also gives you improved sprinting speed


The MP5 is a submachine gun unlocked at rank 19 it is basically a less powerful MN106. It has decent accuracy, good damage, taking 6-7 rounds to kill close up and and a good rate of fire. It has medium recoil and loses a lot of damage over a medium to long distances. There is a silenced version with less damage and more accuracy.


The MAC11 is a submachine gun it has 32 rounds per clip and does moderate damage up close with a high firing rate. It also gives you faster sprinting speed. The weapon overall is really weak it is inaccurate even at close range and loses almost all its damage over medium-long distances. It has a unique recoil which the weapon shakes all over the place. You will constantly reload with this weapon. You can fully unload all 32 of it rounds in less than 3 seconds. Not recommend for any maps other than Facility.


Camping Pros: Usually looked down upon by other players. This is professional camping not just some noobs tactic for hiding and trying to get kills. Camping takes a lot of patience, a lot of new players will camp until they unlocked a good weapon. Camping is actually not that simple there is a whole strategy on how to camp properly. First you must find a high traffic area and find somewhere where your back is covered and there is only one way to enter your campsite. After you kill someone they WILL comeback to revenge kill you. make sure you move to another campsite after another kill. Make sure to stay away from away because they won't protect you from grenades

How to Kill Camper Pros: To kill a camper is pretty simple just throw a grenade at the last known campsite, if the camper has packed its tent and found a new campsite it's best to leave him alone, it's not worth dying multiple time trying to find him to only gain 1 kill. Campers rely on your anger for revenge kill, just leave them alone and avoid that general area and if you are going back be cautious and use flash grenade to blind them. Expect a lot of campers in Capture the Flag and Defuse the Bomb.

Runners: Potentially then most dangerous types of players. You can spot a runner because they usually has speed perk on and run with a camouflaged MN106 or some other assault rifle, or a pistol for even more speed. They have good reflexes and will aim down their sights or hip fire for a quick 1 hit kill headshot. A runner can kill you before you even fire a single bullet, most runners are high ranks from 50-72. They know all every map like the back of their hands and will slaughter everything in it's way. DO NOT APPROACH OR TRY TO REVENGE KILL THEM BY YOURSELVE.

How to Kill Runners: The best strategy to kill runners is to map out their path that they run and intercept them there by camping. Runners will keep running the same path, only deviates sometimes when they spot a prey that is off course (WARNING: this is the basic strategy of runners but many runners will run where ever they think enemies are, they run random courses, if you see one godspeed and good luck to you) after that they will resume running laps around the map. The best weapon to use are shotguns. LMGs and RPGs. First camp somewhere they can't see you while running their laps and let them have it when you see them. Remember to change your campsite because good Runners will always remember your previous campsites and check them all while running their laps. An another is to stay with a group, runners will always kill you if you approach them 1 on 1 stay with a group and aim for their head to kill. If you want to 1 on 1 them make sure to crouch and shoot down your sights since Runners are used to aiming for headshot it will buy you some time while they adjust their aim and maybe you could kill them before they kill you. You can kill runners, they aren't invincible. You just got to kill them from the back or somewhere they're not looking or in close range kill them faster like a shot to the face before they can shoot.

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sorry for double post but the first exceeded the maximum character count heres the rest of the guide:

Grenadiers: Like the name says they LOVE grenade and have incredible aim with them. Most Grenadier are Runners so watch out! If you approach a runner and managed to run away before they kill you use a flash grenade and and kill them while they are blind, you can try to kill but when grenadiers are flashed they will throw all their grenades like there's no tomorrow and will shoot randomly too. Best thing to do is when they are flashed just run and try to flank them from behind because they will grenade popular campsites and kill you if you try to camp ahead of them.

How to kill Grenadiers: When you see them and they see you too don't try to camp because as soon as they see you a frag grenade is coming your way followed by another frag grenade if your not dead. Best thing to do is move the f**k away from where the grenade could kill you and try to bounce a flash grenade away from a wall to blind them TRY NOT TO BLIND YOURSELF and and quickly aim for his head. If a grenadier is coming right at you in the open, walk backwards by putting distance between you and the grenadier, their grenades will take longer to land and explode. When you see them throwing the ball of death (grenade) strafe to the sides you have more chances to survive the grenade if you do that. DO NOT try to kill them with iron sight, it handicaps your movement and it just makes it easier to kill you with their 'nades. REMEMBER THE THREAT IS NOT OVER EVEN AFTER THE TARGET IS DEAD. GRENADES ARE STILL ACTIVE EVEN AFTER THE THROWER IS DEAD AND THEY WILL RECEIVE THE KILL YOU IT KILLS YOU PLUS A +25 EXP FOR CLOSE CALL!! DENY THEM THAT 25 EXP!!!

Stalker: Stalkers are cross a between runners and campers but they move between hiding spots a lot and usually has a silenced pistol and movement perk on they will run around and/or hide and when they see someone they run behind them for a knife kill, they are quiet and ninja-like maybe more deadly than a runner. While they run between hiding spots they will headshot you with their pistol if you intercept them. They prefer flash grenade over frag and can flash, knife and run away before you even realize you're dead. Stalkers care more about having lowest possible deaths than maximum kills, they will run if injured and pursued. Stalkers are rare and mainly play in Team Death-match in Warehouse or Facility, never in open maps like Avalanche.

How To Kill Stalkers: There really is no 100% foolproof way to kill them, just make sure to check your back and that no one is behind you. Listen for an extra set of footsteps, you will need headphone and volume turned up because footsteps are kinda quiet. Best way to prevent getting knifed by them is to use a pistol and movement perk but watch out because once they realize they can't catch up enough to knife they will simply take you out with a headshot with their silenced pistol. I haven't met many stalkers but they can be killed, I took down a few while being stalked and travel in a group too, stalkers tend to go for players who travels alone. Anymore detail would be nice.

Weapon Combos

Weapon/Secondary Weapon/Perks Combos

Specialist: -Any Weapon-/-Any Secondary-/-The Perk That Buffs The Weapon-

Runner: Camo MN106-/Desert Eagle or Silenced Berreta M9/ 10% or 20% or 30% Movement Speed perk

Rocketeer: RPG-7/ MP5/ 150% max ammo or Movement Speed perk

Tank: LMG/Desert Eagle/+20% health

Sniper: Any sniper/MP5/ Sniper Damage Perk

Camper: LMG/Dersert Eagle or Berreta/ Weapon Damage Perk or Increase Health Perk

Shotgun Runner: Benelli M9/ Desert Eagle/ Movement Perk *SG for close range and pistol for long range* not a lot of them very rare to encounter one.


-Practice aiming down your sights it increases your accuracy a lot in medium-long range, and place the button near the fire buttons so you can aim and fire almost instantly.

-set sensitivity to MAX

-Customize your control to what suits you can keep them to the sides like me so you can see more on the screen.

- Don't use virtual dual stick control theme very hard to aim with it.

- keep all your buttons close but not too close. Enough that you don't need to move your whole hand to press a button but not too close that they are clustered together and you accidentally press wrong buttons.

-Turn music volume to 0 and sound to max so you can hear footsteps if your camping *YES THERE IS FOOT STEP YOU CAN HEAR YOURSELF AND OTHERS WALK USE A HEADPHONE!*

- NEVER stop moving, if you stop moving you stop living. Avoid high traffic areas. FIND YOUR ENEMIES NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

that it for now I might update after the update and when new maps are included. If you have your own tips and tricks that i haven't mentioned post them and i'll add it. STICKY PLEASE!

-added some fixes which i considered corrected by Invadorgrey. Thanks again

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Why do we need a MC2 guide?
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Why not? It is useful alright.
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so i'll have better competition online :P

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iNexus whats your KD? Looks good, I had nade spammers. Especially when I manage to kill them...
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Originally Posted by crex View Post
Why do we need a MC2 guide?
Very useful comment bro, bye bye and take care.
sick of you trolls...

Nice post iNexus

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Originally Posted by Epox View Post
iNexus whats your KD? Looks good, I had nade spammers. Especially when I manage to kill them...
my k/d is 3.26 add me on gameloft live and rate up plz

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Originally Posted by iNexus View Post
my k/d is 3.26 add me on gameloft live and rate up plz
I would but whenever I hit the gameloft logo on the bottom left the app crashes....

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There's a MC2 Wiki already with quite a bit of info.


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