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iPhone: Stack the Countries

02-15-2011, 04:38 PM
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Stack the Countries

Hello Everyone,

My latest educational game, Stack the Countries, has just been released today! This is the follow up to my successful Stack the States app which is currently #3 in Education.

Stack the Countries combines arcade-style gaming with learning in a unique way. Players will learn about capitals, landmarks, major cities, continents, border countries, languages, flags and more.

When you answer a world geography question correctly, you get to actually "pick up" for the correct country, rotate it and drop it. Your goal is to build a stack of countries that reaches the checkered line.

The app also features 2 bonus games: Map It!, which teaches the location of the countries on the map and Pile Up!, which helps you to identify countries based on their shape.

See Stack the Countries in iTunes:

See Stack the Countries in action here:


02-23-2011, 09:57 PM
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Looks like I am the first poster, sadly. I left a 4-star iTunes review and really enjoyed the game quite a bit. Having to stack the countries is a nice element and the game showed me how poor my world geography has become!! I was disappointed in the Map It mode, as I was expecting something else. This will be detailed in the review I am also posting here. One thing that I forgot to add to my review is that it is a bit too tedious to get to the other game modes and it would be nice if each mode had a button right on the main menu screen.

Overall Stack the Countries is a quality educational game. It was sad as I was playing and realized that I had not even heard of many of the countries! This could be an excellent way for children to learn more world geography, but there are debates about how much they can learn this way. The graphics are great, nice and cartoony for the countries and the rest are sharp. It is a fairly addictive game too, as I played far longer than I was planning.

I wish that there were more backgrounds when playing the main game, as it seems to cycle through them fairly quickly. It would also be interesting to have some additional facts thrown in about the countries and states (e.g., Which state has a X for its state bird?). I was really looking forward to Map It made, however it was somewhat of a letdown. I would have preferred dragging the countries around to place them instead of tapping a location. Being able to zoom the map would help alleviate most placement issues. As it is now, the regions to choose from are not distinguished on the map and I would click the wrong area as I did not know where the invisible borders were. So, I would like to see Map It changed to dragging the countries to their actual area on the map (at least relatively close), which would actually probably be more beneficial for learning.

One other addition that would be nice is if national anthems/songs could be played in the background. That could even be an interesting question type too!
02-26-2011, 06:37 PM
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Just left a review...

We have Stack the States, and it's had constant use on the iPad. As soon as this came out, we had no choice ;-) "Can we get it, please?!"...

Really, it's $2, the kids love playing it and they are learning about the world's countries at the same time. Plus it's tailorable so you can focus on different regions if you want. It's fun, and enlightening. Great game.