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App description: iVoyages (formerly iTrek) is Super Star Trek re-created for the iPhone and iPad.

Super Star Trek is quite possibly the best of the "Star Trek" games from the 1970's. Of course, it does not make use of graphics, or even assume a video display, but it still an interesting game to play, particularly for those of us who don't have the reflexes we used to and prefer a more cerebral computer game.

You are Captain of the starship "Leviathan" (name changed for copyright reasons) with a mission to seek and destroy a fleet of Klingoff warships which are menacing the United Federation of Planets. You have a specified number of stardates in which to complete your mission. You also have a few Federation Starbases for re-supplying your ship.

You will be assigned a starting position somewhere in the galaxy. The galaxy is divided into an 8 x 8 quadrant grid. Each quadrant is further divided into and 8 x 8 section grid.
You have nine commands available to you. Use these commands to take sensor readings, warp around the galaxy, destroy Klingoffs with photon torpedoes or phaser fire and much more! Tap the commands at the bottom of the screen to play the game.

Good luck!

dennisnederlof's comments:
I have released my new game iTrek for the iPhone and iPad. iTrek is the 70's cult classic game, Super Star Trek, in all of its orgininal ASCII glory!

Check it out on iTunes at:


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Looks interesting... we need more ascii games on iOS. I'm surprised the Star Trek license tolerated a port like this having imagined the holders to be less forthcoming with older material.

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