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iPad: General Knowledge Quiz HD

02-21-2011, 12:20 PM
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General Knowledge Quiz HD


Ω Great source of information that will challenge your memory and test your knowledge.
Ω Improve your knowledge besides keeping you entertained for ages.
Ω Random questions from several different fields.
Ω Two modes of play.
Ω More than 800 questions and every time you play, you get random questions that keeps you interested in the game.
Ω Good Graphics and Sounds.
Ω Low price compare to other GK quizzes.
Ω Lots of research went into each question and we do our best to give you accurate information.

2 Modes are added in the game:
1. Play with time.
2. Play without time.

Questions from:
Capitals of different countries.
Math Tricky and Logic questions.
Riddles that will make you laugh and test your wit
Science questions
Brainiac questions.
Geometry questions.
Current Affairs
History questions.
Space and Universe questions.

Enjoy the GK quiz and we will keep updating with new questions in future.

Please leave us your feedback. We promise to improve the game based on your feedback. Most of your suggestion may take time to implement but we will do our best to incorporate them.

If you do find any errors, please do let us know and we will validate and correct them ASAP.

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02-28-2011, 09:57 AM
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Promo Codes


Here are the promo codes for the game and I hope its definitely increase your knowledge.


02-28-2011, 07:43 PM
Thanks Gladiator, I've taken NP7F7MWWHAPK.

Will have a play over the next few days and post my feedback here.
02-28-2011, 08:08 PM
Some feedback:

When holding the ipad, button down. Setting (which should probably say "Settings") is upside down.

The icons on the home page are confusing, they need text explanations or simply be textual (like "Setting"). You have no way of knowing what they will do until you select them.

I'm sorry to be brutal but the backgrounds are hideous. Have something simple and unobtrusive - wooden panel, brushed metal, frosted glass etc. And don't change it throughout a game, let the user choose in settings.

When answering, use the Millionaire convention; highlight the one you chose, wait, then flash green the correct answer and highlight your answer red if it was wrong.

"Next Question" text doesn't fit into the box.

Highest Mountain peak officially in Europe IS Elbrus :P Yellow AND Orange - neither are primary colours!
Maybe have a button to report questionable answers which flags a question up for you to review.

After a game (the middle icon) I might want to go back to the menu, change settings etc. but you can only restart the game and quit from there.

The 'clever' questions like "how does the guy's hair not get wet?" don't work in multiple choice - they are too obvious.

Generally, the questions are pretty good, not terribly hard but quite entertaining.

Overall, it's pretty good (because of the questions) but you will need to continually add more because 800 is not as many as it sounds. Most of all though, you should really think about a redesign - it's not a good looking app I'm afraid. Thing is though, I like playing GK quizes with my mother and I'll keep it on my ipad for this.

Idea for a new mode: Separate questions into different topics. Each question, the user chooses one of the topics to answer and gets a certain amount of points for a correct answer, say 10 points. Each time a user successfully answers a question in a given topic, the points on offer for that topic goes down and the points avaialable for the other topics goes up (i.e. the user has to take risks in areas they are not good at, getting more points, learning more about topics they don't know well). I think this might work quite well and would be quite unique.

Let me know if you want more feedback - send me a PM and I'll give you my email.

Thanks again.