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Shareware idea.

02-24-2011, 12:20 PM
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Shareware idea.

Has this been done before... You release a game at 99c, then inside the game you have In App Purchase at various prices and ask the user to donate what they think the worth of the game really is?

So many times I here, the game is worth more than that and I would pay at least $5 for it. Well this way those people can. Maybe it's worth ago to try this out?
02-24-2011, 01:00 PM
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the old "if" game... if someone says he would have paid 5 thats only an expression.. because he spend alot less for it..

and your idea is not shareware.. shareware is exactly that a "trial" of an app for free "shared" distribution.. with build in functionality to purchase the full product..

if someone wants to support a develoer he can buy unlimited units of the same game.. just make it a gift and you can repurchase any ios product endlessly..

but no one does that.. since its just an expression.. someone likes your product and he think he got a great value fpr his money spend.. and he thinks it might be worth more..

that doesnt mean he would actualy even purchased it at a higher price point.

as for iap for monetary support, i doubt that works ... you need to give the user at least something back in return.. some people want to remove ad banners for $$ and get ripped apart as money hungry evil monkey..

add ipa features, more levels, cosmetic themes etc.. if people like your product they will buy thoose to support you, if they intend to put actions behind their worth.. or take other actions like described above..

so the bad feedback would probably be higher if someone implements such a feature than the benefit of a few nobel supporter paying up.

at least i think so
02-24-2011, 04:24 PM
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The game Solomons Boneyard has this.

There is a $1 IAP called "Developer Tip" which you can buy as many times as you like.