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Knights: Spiral islands[Upcoming Title!]

02-25-2011, 12:53 AM
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Knights: Spiral islands[Upcoming Title!]

Apparently a game that goes by the name Knights: Spiral Islands will be coming to Pc and iOS devices.
It offers stunning graphics and online multiplayer, all on the UDK engine.
Knights is an online action adventure game in which players travel across all of space and time in a vast multiverse to battle evil, defend the innocent, and add to the collective good of the cosmos. Your role: a knight – a paragon of goodness and virtue charged with defeating evil in whatever form it takes; whether that happens to be vanquishing terrifying armies or reading bed-time stories to orphans.
The game still seems to be in the works currently with no release date known, but as of right now they seem to be having a pledge announcement giving details about getting the multiplayer beta when it rolls out. Regardless of how much money pledged.
No matter how much you pledge or have already pledged, you will get the Knights multiplayer release (Including beta access). The multiplayer release will include all the arenas, co-op missions, and experimental mini-games we develop for the spiral islands as well as a whole range of others while the game continues development. So pledge up, and battle with your friends in the Knights arena.
This definitely will be a project to keep an eye out for.

Go ahead on over to their moddb page to check out some screens and check for future updates.


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