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App description: ---Thanks to all who bought this game. Project was not paid off, thats why it will be closed in September---

**This is the most realistic Parkour simulator youll find anywhere.
Control scheme so natural, that every first person action-platformer should follow.
"Wallker" as quite possibly the most difficult game youll ever play this generation** - GameBlurb.net

First bunny hop game for iPhone (like DeFRaG mod for Quake III Arena or jumpmod for Urban Terror) dedicated to player movements and trickjumping.

Your path is your choice. Your goal, to reach finish line. And there is only 1 rule - 3 walljumps. Never give up. There is always a solution.

Wallker is a first person action video game developed by TheGeekGames.

- 7 jumping maps
- more than 70 unique jumps
- score and time mode

- Full 3D rendered environments enhanced by highly detailed graphics
- Unique control scheme
- Retina display support
- Gyroscope support
03-10-2011, 03:30 AM
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Has anyone tried this out? Looks interesting...

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03-10-2011, 03:57 AM
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Yep i try. Gameplay at first looks a little bit complicated, but then you cannot play in other FPS without this control scheme :-) This is something new
03-10-2011, 04:34 AM
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cool looking game! and name to boot!
03-10-2011, 08:11 AM
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From tommorow, to the end of March, the game will cost 1$. So you could try it