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03-12-2011, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Albie View Post
That sounds like a good enough explanation to me. In defense of Firemint, they've always been responsive to their customers and to the members of this forum. There are issues with the RR2 HD, which have been made abundantly clear in this thread. As a customer, sure it's disappointing. But, let's give Firemint a little leeway here to address the issues. It may not be fast enough for many customers, but that's life. Knowing Firemint's track record, issues will be fixed with a few tradeoffs I'm sure soon enough.
Thanks Albie, we really appreciate that.

As Rob mentioned, we're aware of the concerns of many people using the iPad1 and are determined to make the Real Racing 2 HD experience as good as it possibly can be on the device.

I'd just like to repeat that we have a dedicated support site for tracking and responding to problems, questions and ideas. Please feel free to contribute: http://www.firemint.com/support

Thank you for your patience.
03-12-2011, 07:55 PM
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Perhaps Firemint may want to jailbreak an ipad1 and check this out with the RetinaPad app...

Originally Posted by Phreakuency View Post
Thank you for coming back to post and taking the time to explain. As a paying customer (of all of your games) I appreciate it.

I will however, continue to play the iphone version on my iPad because it looks and runs better.

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03-12-2011, 07:58 PM

While I'd honestly rather not have an option menu where I have to individually tweak lighting, resolution, detail, etc.- what about having a slider that moves between "Performance" (a mode representing what RR2 currently looks like on the iPad 1, and "Quality" (having more visual polish, but maybe with a performance hit)? Honestly, if you could more closely approximate the look of RR2 running with Retinapad, I'd be thrilled. Combining those visuals with the new UI would be great, in my opinion.

What does everybody else think about this?
03-12-2011, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by salsamd View Post
Perhaps Firemint may want to jailbreak an ipad1 and check this out with the Rentiniser app...
They don't need to use Retiniser to see what it looks like. They can enable it in their code. They specifically indicated that they wanted to be full screen not letterbox. The extra pixels must make a big difference. That and their concern for framerate. Perhaps the lower framerate of the iPhone version is ok though.
03-12-2011, 08:24 PM
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Thank you too Firemint for getting back and promising to resolve the issues . It may be a little late as far as reviews though as this has loads of 1 star reviews on the uk AppStore . One of the main problems being that the screenshots are from the game running on an iPad 2 obviously but it doesn't state that anywhere . So it really boils down to false advertising in a lot of ppls eyes .

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03-12-2011, 09:02 PM
Originally Posted by schnorg View Post

I know some people have reported occasional stutters that we are looking into very seriously (possibly these could be due to downloading other apps in the background, or other background processes like downloading emails). However it seems that the real objection here is with wanting ‘more visible pixels’.
If "wanting more pixels" is how one interprets a request for less hiccuping and freeze-frame, then I guess more pixels please (btw- I'm using OS 4 and playing from a fresh reboot with no background processes such as mail or notifications happening).

Subjectively, it's more an issue of seeing the hiccuping/stop-motion tendencies get reduced than it is "getting more" of one thing or another. Never dropping below 15 frames per second would be a start.

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03-12-2011, 10:38 PM
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Looks and runs great on the iPad 2, hopefully you guys can make it look even better later on the iPad 2 once you fix the issues for the old iPad.
03-12-2011, 11:40 PM
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Can you push the graphics for the iPad 1 to the max? I know developers were able to improve the graphics very slightly for the ipod touch 3gen when the iPhone 4 came out.
03-13-2011, 01:04 AM
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Another +1 for this game looking and running great on the ipad 2.

Honestly from the first day of owning the ipad1, I always felt that the device was a bit sluggish. Felt like a SUV being powered by some 50 horse power engine. (maybe not that bad)
03-13-2011, 10:17 AM
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This game and others liked it (enhanced for iPad 2) seem like it is going to be causing a problem for developers, Apple, and most importantly customers.

What I mean is does anyone else think the App store is going to be a lot more confusing with the release of the iPad2? Certain apps don't perform as well or even work on the iPad 1 but they are advertised in the iPad app store not an iPad 2 app store. It seems like they are going to have to come up with a way to distinguish the two different platforms. Like how we have the HD apps. Or am I thinking too much here?

I think if Firemint was working on this game for iPad1 like they said all this time shouldn't that version be the most polished since they actually had iPad1 hardware to test it out on? To me it seems like Apple wanted apps and games to "wow" people when Pad2 released and maybe some developers were given a heads up and were strongly encouraged to max out the apps for iPad2 in exchange for promotional space on the app store.