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App description: As the first FREE online-social TD game that is ported in iPad/iPhone, Goblin Invasion is dedicated to bring you a complete exciting experience with its classical TD style and social interaction elements.

Game Features:
Fantastic graphics, ample items and easy to play.
Classic TD framework formed with dozens of different maps/stages, creating infinite ways of playing with different combinations of towers and gems.
A strong sense of social entertainment. Ore stealing, Gem compounding, friend picking, treasure digging, trading, invading, upgrade in tech, free gold by praying, etc. All add up to a unique interaction among fans of Goblin Invasion around the world.
A new style of TD game in which not only can you defense but can also attack by sending POWs to invade other players.

Comments:"Very epic TD style! And you can interact with other online gamers.Its completely free if you like to take your time and play it in a leisure way, though a quick upgrade seems to need some money. This game is sort of addicted, well, if you call it a shortcoming.
OK, Five Star!!


PLEASE NOTE: Goblin Invasion is FREE to play, but players can purchase additional game coins with real money in In-App Purchases to get more gaming experience.

For more updates, please visit Goblin Invasion Official Forum: http://gi.quugames.com/goblinbbs/.


If youd like to play Goblin Invasion on Facebook , please visit: http://apps.facebook.com/goblininvasion

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03-12-2011, 12:41 AM
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Eggz - good to see you back on the board.

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03-12-2011, 12:53 AM
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He's been busy posting new games today.

Now this game, a TD? Guess it wouldn't harm to try.
03-12-2011, 03:35 AM
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Looking good...dl-ing as we speak...very curious how this Free game will play.

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03-12-2011, 03:44 AM
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There is no indication or info concerning IAP whatsoever....so i suggest that this would be included in your advertisements of your game.

Hate to think a game is free while it's full of IAP....

OldskoolNL.nl : "Not Old, Just Older"
03-12-2011, 11:15 AM
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It appears to be truly free but you can buy gold coins to bolster your bank account. I couldn't make heads of tails of the game, though, so I deleted it.


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03-12-2011, 11:23 AM
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120 gold coins for $9.99 what a bargain !
Games that have this type of IAP even if you don't need it to play don't get down loaded by me.
With the new 4.3 IAP password fix I think this type of IAP game will disappear.
03-13-2011, 08:45 PM

Thanks eggzbacon. Version 1.1 has been submitted for update. I guess the game is improved a lot in 1.1. Guys, please tell me your ideas about the game.
03-23-2011, 09:32 PM
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What's New in Version 1.1

- Add Game Center interation
- Optimazation Data transfering
- Fixed some other issues


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07-18-2011, 02:36 AM
Release Announcement: Goblin Invasion 1.6 New Features

Dear Goblin Invasion players,

We are pleased to announce the release of Goblin Invasion 1.6 this week. Players should upgrade clients from old version to the latest version before entering the game. The following list describes the changes that were made to the Goblin Invasion 1.6:

-Being able to show the list of friends who pray for you in one day
-Simplifying the procedure for praying for your friends
-Being able to invade random players who are not your friends
-Adding the function of quick upgrading your tower
-Being able to check your friends tower status: level, gems
-Being able to recover advanced caravans and add timing caravans
-Adding Goblin bombs and Goblin key rings
-Adding lists to show contribution of prayers, ore that are harvested and the rate of success in invasion
-Being able to show pictures when digging for treasure and when a treasure map is found

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/goblin-invasion/id414840768?mt=8

Goblin Invasion Team