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Funny Matching Games—who likes matching??

03-12-2011, 03:57 AM
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Funny Matching Games—who likes matching??

I have tried a few matching games and some of them I think are very good ones. Here is my list of best matching games:
1.Treasures of Montezuma – It’s the first matching game I have played and it’s really classic. You have to collect enough diamonds to complete a level while matching the stones of the same color. The amazing point is there are six power totems. They will make special effect by making matches of the same color consecutively. Besides, the props in the game are fantastic. I highly recommend this one despite it’s an old one.
2.Chop Sushi – This game has an interesting concept in which the characters are sushi. You match them by picking up one and move it up, down, left or right with chopsticks and I think it’s a funny idea.
3.PileUp! Candymania –this is probably my favorite match game on iphone. Can rotate pieces by flipping up then tap anywhere and then move left or right to place triangle of 3 candy pieces. Great graphics which is the point which attracts me to have a try but most importantly fun gameplay.
I know that there are many other good matching games, you can share your favorite ones here and I would like to have a try.
03-12-2011, 01:09 PM
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Beautiful graphics and plays great. Paradise Quest.

03-12-2011, 02:21 PM
There a lot of matching games out there, and that's good as I'm a big fan of them.

Traditional matching games that I've liked:

Azkend is a really nice one, if you like Treasures of Montezuma, as you finish puzzles and continue on an overhead map. The graphics are really high quality and very nice looking. The iPad version Azkend HD is nice as well.

Call of Atlantis is another high-quality traditional Match-3 game, too. I recommend that. I have that both on my iPhone and Mac.

Dragon Portals is another polish matching game, in this case you have to match gems on rows that look like Dragons.

Glyph - I enjoy this one, maybe not as much as the others, but I can recommend it.

Hybrid matching games (games that add another game element to matching) that I enjoy:

Eggs vs Chicken is a new game and adds a nice twist to the match-3 gameplay. You have to match up eggs so you can shoot them at the advancing chickens that are coming down from the top of the screen. It's a really fun and nice twist on the genre. Recommended

Devil Invasion - Mixes tower defense with Match-3 gameplay. You match stones, shields and other items in order to gain mana to cast spells that will repair your towers or destroy enemies that are attacking you on the upper part of the screen. Kind of like Puzzle Quest, but with tower defense. I really got addicted to this game.

Games with unique variation on the traditional match-3 gameplay that I like:

Liqua Pop - this one is very new, and instead of matching fixed-size gems/stones like in most games, this one lets you match round water droplets that squish and squeeze between other water droplets. Drag your finger to pull the droplets of the same color into one another to form a bigger one and then shake your iPhone (or wait till they pop) for them to clear them. You are trying to clear them so a frog can climb up a leaf. It's really cool! I've never seen another game like this. The nature sound effects are well done.

Steamballs - I love steampunk contraptions, mixing Victorian Age mechanics, with modern technology. This game is a nice twist on the Match-3 gameplay where you try to match balls of a similar color but the weight mechanism makes it a bit more of thinking game, so it's takes a bit more brain power to solve.

Drop7 - While not strictly a Match-3 game, is more of a match 1 to 5 game, so the gameplay is similar, but it is by far my favorite puzzle game of all-time next to Tetris (and I'm a huge Tetris fan). While I was turned off by the screenshots and initially ignored this game despite it's high acclaim, I wish I had bought it sooner. While you aren't matching color, you are trying to match the number of balls to the same number as indicated on one of the balls in the row or column. Very addicting, and I've told all my friends to buy this one. If you like Match-3 games, I'm sure most would enjoy this one as well.

There are a lot more that I enjoy but these are the ones that come to mind right now.