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iPad: Fabled Lands HD (gamebook/RPG) [v.1.4 out today]

03-15-2011, 06:58 AM
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Fabled Lands HD (gamebook/RPG) [v.1.4 out today]


Fabled Lands HD free update 1.4 is now available !
Here are the 1.4 patch notes :

- You can now complete the Oak Druid's quest taken in the City of Trees
- Made a hotfix for all ability tests : while the percentage of success was displaying correctly depending on your ability level, items and difficulty level, there was a problem leading to failing some tests when you should have passed them instead. The bonuses granted by some items weren't functionning as planned in some cases. We found the problem and now all items will be working as intended.
- Revamped the market display so that it's more comfortable for iPhone and iPod users.
- Bug when trying to flee the sokaran galley -> fixed!
- Bug when joining the cannibal cult -> fixed!
- Rare bug if an ability goes down to 0 causing death -> fixed!
- You can now complete the Rebels quest if you talked to the Provost first
- 9 new items added to the random chests (2 common, 1 unco, 3 rare, 3 legendary)
- You don't get to see Yanryt again after his quest is completed.
- Removed the random events when entering your town houses, for various reasons. You can now store shards and items without having them stolen.
- You can now store only a max of 5,000 shards in each town house you own. This (and the fact that we'll develop more features around town houses in later installments) will encourage you to buy the 4 town houses available in FL1.
- Fixed a bug where a player would not be able to enter his sewers cache again if he stored the sewers map in his storage chest.
- Maximum amount of shards you can now carry on yourself is 1,000. If you reach that amount, you'll have to store extra shards in town houses. We'll raise that max amount in the next update.
- Various sound effects added, and some typos corrected.
- Tweaked the mining mini-game loot table and added 1 new gem.
- You can now fish in the Cadmium docks without paying 15 shards.
- The stone statue in Larun Forest now gives you a quest (you'll need Fabled Lands 3 to complete it though)

Thank you for your support,
Megara Entertainment

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03-15-2011, 08:43 AM
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What version of iOS does it require? Last time I tried to purchase, I wasn't using 4.2 and therefore, could not purchase the app. Are there calls within the app that utilize 4.2+ only features?

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03-15-2011, 10:13 AM
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Since former 1.3 update, you need to have iOS 4.2 or later on your iPad to play the game. Yes indeed, many features from 4.2 have been nicely woven inside the code, to make a better experience.
03-25-2011, 10:39 AM
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[important information about the sequel from the devs below]

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03-25-2011, 07:37 PM
I didn't even realise there were any more bugs, I haven't found any anyways.
I like the sound of this extra bonus.
03-25-2011, 10:40 PM
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Love gamebooks and this one has some excellent art. Great job!

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04-04-2011, 07:26 AM
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Some major news here concerning the Fabled Lands apps.

The bad news :

- Because we are constantly now working on the Fabled Lands II beta, and because of its relation with Fabled Lands, there won't be any patch for download for Fabled Lands until FL2 is released. Also, Fabled Lands 1.2 / Fabled Lands HD 1.5 are cancelled for the moment - in fact postponed. These updates for FL1 will only become available after the FL2 release.
- The Mac version for Fabled Lands is postponed to after FL2 release. The porting tools for the Mac store are not good enough at the moment to port such a complex engine of ours. We'll try again in some months, hoping that those tools have evolved.

The good news :

- That will give us more time to throw in more content and polishing for free updates FL 1.2 /FL HD 1.5 ; those updates will be more interesting for the Fabled Lands I players.
- Fabled Lands II is now announced and has entered internal beta stage.
- We are pleased to announce that we have successfully designed a specific expansion unlocking engine. You will be able to keep any savegame from Fabled Lands, and use them in the sequel.
- Release confirmation dates for Fabled Lands II : July for HD iPad and September, 2011 for iPhone.iPod touch

Until then, a gift for you : you can listen to the FL1 game soundtrack that we are giving away for free on Megara's website www.megara-entertainment.com

See you soon in Golnir / Fabled Lands II !

Megara Entertainment