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iPhone: Spires HD - with 19 new levels, Extreme Difficulty mode, and Seige Puzzle mode!

03-15-2011, 01:51 PM
Spires HD - with 19 new levels, Extreme Difficulty mode, and Seige Puzzle mode!

Following the release of the acclaimed Spires, Tower Defense with an Epic Store, Prophetic Sky is proud to announce Spires HD! Designed for iPads and Retina displays, Spires HD includes optimized graphics with twice the resolution and twice the frame rate! In addition, Spires HD includes an all new Extreme difficulty mode, as well as Siege mode – an entirely new Puzzle mode! With a total of 30 playable levels, Spires HD is sure to keep you entertained.

HD Exclusive Content:

Spires HD brings a new difficulty mode: Extreme! If you found that even Hard difficulty posed you no challenge, Extreme mode will test even your limits!
Survival mode has been expanded to a total of 10 maps, each with a different set of foes, available spires and items, and requiring unique strategies.
Siege mode, an all-new puzzle mode, has been introduced with 10 additional maps. In this mode, your enemies can assault your towers directly! Build your spires carefully and keep an eye out for those that need repairing, or you risk watching your carefully crafted maze crumble before you!

Spires HD is a Tower Defense game that pits you against a force of invaders bent on razing the land for a new order. The game is fun and easy to pick up. It is designed for new players and experienced strategists alike. Draelus has escaped from the Hollow Realm to threaten the world once more. Three young sorcerers must summon Spires to defend against his armies. Trained by their master Iaro in the art of Tower Defense, they are our last hope.

An Epic Story Of Magic And War:
Experience an intricate plot through dialog and professional Voice Acting. Discover your foe’s true identity as you unlock your potential as a student of the Great University.

Three Playable Heroes:
Each student commands a different array of elemental Spires. Use each student’s spires to form a battle plan to counter the oncoming hoards.

Endless Hours Of Fun:
30 Levels, 11 Spires, 13 Enemy Types, 6 Usable Items and 4 Modes of Play! Find each enemy’s weakness, and use each spire and item to its best potential.

Strategic Battles:
Create a maze so that your foes never reach their target, or force all of them to walk through a concentrated zone of destruction. The choices are endless!

Challenge Your Friends:
Compare your score to your friends’ on Apple Game Center. Can you last longer in Survival mode, or defeat more enemies in Gauntlet?

Vibrant Environments:
Fully rendered environments with unique paths and enemy formations. Use each map’s Magical Runes to enhance your Spires at strategic locations.

Pick up Spires HD from iTunes now!

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03-15-2011, 01:53 PM
Some background on the game

A year ago we released Townrs Defender, a hero defense game, to the public. It earned a very passionate user base – but what amazed us most was how many people loved the very simple story we used to introduce the game! So, we decided to take on a bold endeavor – merge an extensive story with the popular gameplay of Tower Defense!

The protagonists of Spires are known as Makers, sorcerers who can conjure physical objects out of thin air. You will step in to the role of three students, under the tutor-ledge of the wise, but old, Iaro. Iaro is from a forgotten age when Makers were prolific – but then the Dark Maker Draelus struck, seeking to kill them all. Draelus’s plan was noble, if misguided – mankind had become complacent and lazy under the leadership of such powerful sorcerers, wanting for – and seeking – nothing. By eliminating the Makers, Draelus sought to free the world. Eventually, after many Makers were killed, the remaining three defeated Draelus, and imprisoned him in the Hollow Realm – a barren realm of nothingness. Iaro, seeking his own solution to the problem, founded a great university where Makers would be taught how to aide – but not rule – their fellow citizens.

For many years, the world has been at peace. But all that is about to change. A giant army, led by a mysterious woman, is about to surprise our young heroes. They will have to learn how to summon more powerful spires, and use great strategy to defeat them. Only then, perhaps, can they try to discover the oncoming darkness’s true intentions.

Spires is the first of three games written to conclude this tale. We were fortunate enough to find a very talented professional voice actor to read the narration for us, as well as some truly gifted artists to create backdrops and character art for us.

In addition to the Story mode, we’ve included three ‘Puzzle’ modes designed to truly test the determined. Gauntlet mode gives you a set amount of money, and challenges you to defeat an apparently impossible wave of enemies. Victory is achievable – but only to the most crafty. Additionally, Survival mode pits you against endless waves of the horde. Finally, Siege mode allows enemies to directly attack your towers, forcing you to adapt your maze and strategy continuously. Challenge your friends to beat your best scores on Apple Game Center!

In a world where powerful sorcerers can conjure entire cities out of thin air, the most powerful form is the Spire. Spires HD - An Epic Story of Tower Defense. Get it on iTunes!