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iPhone: tPori-A challenging, addictive Physics game

03-19-2011, 06:13 AM
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tPori-A challenging, addictive Physics game

Test your quick thinking, perfect planning and timing in tPori, the explosive game for iPhone by Schogini Systems. Light the fuse of the dynamite and blast your way to the next level! This is a game of quick wits and brilliant strategy. Light the bomb fast and score big!

Create your own game! With tPori’s unique Level Builder, you can design your own challenging puzzles to accomplish your mission. Think of all the possibilities you possibly to get the fireball to the fuse of the dynamite as fast as you can!

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03-19-2011, 08:08 AM
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03-19-2011, 09:29 AM
Screenshots? Vids? I looked on iTunes and didn't see the game for the US market.

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03-20-2011, 01:25 PM
Game Impressions

I requested the dev for a code and he was kind enough to give me one, so I gave the game a try. It showed me one thing I didn't know; if you have a code it doesn't matter if the game is in the US store or not. Currently it's not.

Overall, not bad. I'm playing on a 1st Gen iPad at 2x resolution.

Here are my (lengthy) thoughts:
  • It looks like it says "Beta" under the title on the main screen. Not sure if this is an oversight, or if it's still in development before coming to the US store.
  • No sound during the main screen made me think the game would also be soundless. It's not. You have falling rain graphics on the main screen, how about adding soft sounds of raindrops?
  • It has Gamecenter leaderboards, for those who desire/require that kind of thing in their games.
  • When you tap "play" it brings you to the level select. Still no sound. The options are "Effective", "Competent", "Accomplished", "User Levels" and "Level Builder". To me the only one that doesn't make any sense is "Effective". Perhaps you might consider "Novice" or "Beginner" (Beginner, Advanced, Expert maybe. Or even Easy, Medium, Difficult.)?
  • I started with "Effective" which took me to the level select page. The icon for the levels is a lock, but every one of them is unlocked. Not sure why you would want to use a lock in that case.
  • In the level there is a rapidly depleting points counter (starts at 9999) and there are instructions on the first level telling you what to do.
  • You are trying to deliver the fireball to the bomb on the level. You can tap glass to break it and tap red guys to kill (remove) them for points.
  • You can't remove the grey platforms/blocks and you can't let the fireball hit the green guy or else the level fails and you start over.
  • There are sounds, finally, when you tap on a red guy, tap on glass, and when the fireball hits the bomb or the green guy.
  • Upon completion of the level a voice says "outstanding" or "brilliant", and it gets pretty old after a few levels. If you fail it doesn't say anything, it just automatically restarts the level.
Bugs, it's got 'em:
  • 1st playthrough: it crashed after about the fifth or sixth level.
  • 2nd: I was testing what everything did while writing this and after completing the first level I pressed what looked like the "reload" button (bottom row, far right) and it crashed.
  • 3rd: Restarted, played the first level and returned to writing, leaving it running in the background and it crashed without me doing anything. I do notice that the points countdown still runs in the background after a level is beaten. Is it possible it has something to do with that?
  • 4th: The fact that I restarted 4 times is a sign that I at least somewhat enjoy the game. I tried the reload button and it worked this time. Then I left it alone to see if it would crash. It did.
  • 5th: Didn't start a level. Played with the level editor, it didn't crash. It only seems to crash once a level has been started.
  • I started a timer from the moment the first level loaded and let it run until the game crashed through three cycles without doing anything apart from quickly beating the level. It crashed at 3 minutes 38 seconds, 5 minutes 8 seconds, and 5 minutes 5 seconds.
  • I realized I hadn't restarted my iPad, so I did that and tried one more time. Almost thought that fixed it. It crashed after 6 minutes 29 seconds.
General Observations/Impressions:
  • I quickly got to and beat the first level so I could try the other buttons. The button to return to the main levels page is the second from the left on the bottom and looks like stacked pages. Returning to the level set that I had been in, there is nothing to indicate what levels have been beaten. It all still looks the same.
  • The graphic design behind this seems to be inconsistent, especially in the icons. Some are blue and beveled, others are flat blue with a drop shadow behind them. Feels a bit sloppy.
Level creator:
  • Neat yet annoying. When you add a piece to the level it falls on to the screen. When you touch it to pick it up and move it, it pivots freely around your finger. To get a platform in the position you want it is tricky. Almost a game in itself. You have to get it swinging and then lift your finger when it's where and at the angle that you want. A double tap lets gravity take back over. One more doubletap locks it again. Although, sometimes, a single tap seems to lock and unlock it.
  • The only way to save a level is by hitting the play button and having the fireball explode the bomb, which is kinda neat in that it means you can't have an impossible level. If you exit the level editor and then return to it, it remembers where everything was, so you can leave and come back.
  • Your levels are automatically posted to the global community where they can be played and rated. They say the best levels will be included in future updates. There is no way to delete your level, but you can edit it.
  • The help screen for the level editor is pretty good.
  • Complaints about the editor:

    - You should ask before automatically posting levels to the global community. I wouldn't have saved "Test" if I'd known that was going to happen. It might help avoid all of those "null" named levels that are the same thing over and over as well.

    - There's no way to go from the level creator to the level selection screen without going back through the home screen.

    - If you play a level you are building, and then don't save it when the bomb explodes, there's no obvious way to reset. I figured out that you had to it the "play" button again.

In all, not a bad physics puzzler. I've bought, played and deleted worse. It could really use a bit more work on the graphic design side of things, and the crashing bug MUST be fixed. It lacks the style of many other physics games, but it's not horrible. If the dev team could polish it up, giving it a unique look and feel, and ideally making it universal, I could see spending a few bucks on it. As it stands now, it's worth 99 IF they fix the crashing bug.
03-21-2011, 07:37 AM
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Hi Collins,

Wow! Thanks very much for taking time to review tPori. We will make the corrections per your suggestions and re-test the app.

Regards Sree