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iPad: Bear Bounce for iPad (Universal app)

03-21-2011, 08:08 AM
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Bear Bounce for iPad (Universal app)

Hello Toucharcaders,

We're (La Squiggle) currently working on a new iOS app, Bear Bounce. Here's a short video showing off some of the gameplay.

Youtube link | Pop Up

The game begins progression based, requiring a certain number of animals saved to get to the next stage, but once you've completed a stage it becomes "endless" - where you can aim for the highest possible score you're capable of - the more points you get the more features you unlock. Your total points are accumulated so every attempt adds up in the end.

We've got Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme (which is unlocked after you've finished the stage). Hard and Extreme really ramp up the amount of animals and the speed, but also the amount of points earned!

It's going to be universal for all iOS 4.0 and above devices (supporting Retina display & Multi-tasking of course).

Feature list:

•Endless addictive gameplay
•4 Difficulties per stage, including the earnable "Extreme" that will push your reaction to the limit
•12 Unique stages to unlock (From the snow to the moon!)
•6 Power-ups
•Unlockable features, including Penguin Play (where all the bears are swapped for penguins!) based on your "total" points (accumulates after every stage - gameover or not!)
•Top 10 online and local leaderboards per stage
•Universal support for iPhone and iPad
•Optimised for retina display

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have! We're currently still doing inhouse testing, but will be looking for beta testers probably next week.

Here's some pics of a few stages, including one of the new moon stages which introduces the asteroid game mechanic (where they will knock the bears out of the sky - though in these stages the bears, due to gravity, are much more floaty so you have heaps of time to react to this separate mechanic) alternatively you can touch to destroy the asteroids.

We're working on a Candy set of stages with a new sticky mechanic as well.

We'll show off some more footage of these new stages as we progress them!

Here's some screenshots:

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03-23-2011, 11:02 PM
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We've got a website for the app now as well: http://bearbounce.lasquiggle.com/

I'm just editing some more gameplay footage from the iPad and I'll be putting that here shortly.
EDIT: Added video to first post!

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