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Online games similar to (or better than) Depict?

03-23-2011, 05:34 AM
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Online games similar to (or better than) Depict?

So I downloaded Depict recently and surprisingly found myself enjoying it a lot. Once the words started repeating, I started getting bored of it though.

Are there any other online pictionary-type games which are fun and simple to play like Depict?

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03-23-2011, 04:24 PM
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There's a few Pictionary style games on iOS. The main ones being Charadium/We Doodle (same game) and the new Talk & Chalk game, which is exactly what you'd imagine from the title

As far as desktop/flash games there's the ever-popular isketch.net and/or xsketch.com.

All the above games are all based on typing in your answers rather then picking an answer via multiple choice. So my suggestions doesn't really help you find something "better than Depict"...just different

It's a small difference theoretically, however the multiple choice puzzle gameplay of Depict is much faster and more competitive. It makes a big difference on a mobile device to NOT have to type to play - it's faster, more fun, one handed!

There is good news for PC gamers though. . . . . We're working on bringing Depict to Facebook!!! It's going to be pretty much a straight port of the game and will let you play against people playing on their phones/ipods/ipads or pc!

If you log in with "Facebook" in the current iOS game you'll be able to have the same friends, avatars, high score, and achievements as you do now.

We're feverishly working on it now and will post back when we have an actual release date

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03-23-2011, 05:11 PM
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Charadium as said above, but personally I prefer Depict

I love this world!