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App description: What do You get When you Cross a Match Three Game with Magnetism? A Madly Cool Action Puzzle!

---Was Featured Worldwide By Apple In New And Noteworthy---

Perhaps you played games like Tetris or other 'color matching' puzzles before? Objects are raining down the screen, threatening you to be swept away. Your only way out being to match objects of a same type in order to eliminate them and manage to stand your ground.

Repulse-O offers all that, you simply have to match 3 bubbles of a same color to pop them away, and it includes some exhilarating twists that will keep your brain busy for countless hours!

Enjoy highly polished graphics, immersive music and sound effects. Chose from 3 different visual thematic: pills, donuts and neon. Can you beat electromagnetism?


- 2 Game modes: Endless and 15 challenges.
- 3 different environments to play in.
- 13 achievements.
- 3 modes of controls.
- Several social networks integrated: Game Center, Openfeint, Twitter, Facebook.

-------------GAME RULES-----------

- Bubbles will come on the screen from the left or right and get glued to the core when they reach it.

- Rotate the core to rotate all the bubbles attached to it, and control where the new bubbles land.

- You lose if a bubble gets glued outside of the game circle for too long.

- 3 or more connected bubbles of a same color will start a cascade. A cascade will propagate itself to nearby bubbles of the same color. The longer the cascade, the more points you get.

- Some bubbles have a positive or negative charge. Opposite charges will attract themselves and same charges will repulse themselves.

- There is 3 kinds of special bubbles.

- Multicolor bubbles act as if they had any color. They can be used to propagate cascades between color types.

- Explosive bubbles will initiate a cascade on contact.

- Contaminated bubble will absorb the color from bubbles they touch. They dont start a cascade on their own and wont give any point.

XperimentalZ's comments:

We just released our second title on the App Store.

Please send us your comments!
05-03-2011, 08:42 PM
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You can now try the game for Free with the Lite version!

The game was featured worldwide by Apple in New and Noteworthy when it came out.

You can get the Free version here.

Please let me know what you think

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05-27-2011, 12:49 PM
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We're currently giving away promo codes

Please pm if you'd like to have one.


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05-28-2011, 10:38 AM
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totally enjoying this one!!! The match 3 gameplay mixed with being able to spin the whole bundle makes it pretty exciting! Upgrades really add to it too. Plus the Endless Mode, and GC+OF leaderboards make for PLENTY of re-playability!

Me and my wife are pretty big on passing the iPod back n forth with match 3 games... she's gonna LOVE seeing this when she gets home from work tonight. =oD

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12-04-2011, 02:36 PM
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In order to help cross-promoting Don't Run With a Plasma Sword, Repulse-O is going free through FAAD, starting now!

While not being a big production like DRWAPS, we think that the game is still cool. The premiss is a classic match-3. The game is set on a spinning board and there's a lot of gameplay twists which make the game stand apart, like attraction/repulsion between bubbles .

XperimentalZ Games website Twitter:@XperimentalZ