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tech possible in iPhone5

03-28-2011, 03:59 AM
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tech possible in iPhone5

Yes, it's probably been done before, but I'm curious what people here are expecting out of the iphone5. I expect modest increments including the A5/GPU and screen size.

However, there are current technologies that apple hasn't/won't really experiment with outside of their "DEFCON 5" genius lab, and implement in the market. The extremities listed below in my iphone5 wish-list are currently available in the industry, but no one has yet collaborated on bringing all these brilliant innovations into one device. I think Apple would make hearts stop if they included the current technologies in their next device.

Wish-list for hardware-------------------------

1. A 4" retina-like screen with solar-charging glass/oleophobic film.

2. An 8-megapixel (optical zoom 4x / digital zoom 8x) with "OLED 7-layer infrared/night vision film" for the lens *(i can dream, can't I?, but it really exists)

3. New LiquidMetal co. (purchased by apple) battery technology (3x increase battery life)

4. Same CPU/GPU as iPad 2, and much needed 64-gig flash memory.

5. pico laser keyboard and pico projector for Desktop simulation. (mozilla seabird concept)

6. The addition of NFC /AM-FM radio frequencies.

7. Stereo speakers and sensitive multidirectional mic.

8. White LED/backlit apple logo

Wish-list for iOS 5-----------------------------------------------------

1. Elegant side-scrolling notification system

2. Remote itunes access to switch on/off LOCATION SERVICES with "find my iphone" service

3. 720p video recording at 60fps (1080p ruthless on memory)

4. Add Bluetooth to the "Airplane Mode/Wifi/Notifications/Location Services" window in the settings. Actually, management of all frequencies in one, convenient spot.

5. Remote desktop for your mac within iOS, including home sharing/streaming on 3g (not just local wifi).

6. Airplay compatibility with all applications/videos.

**********This is all highly unlikely in the next upgrade**********but we have the tech to make it a possibility.
03-28-2011, 07:01 AM
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Oooo... if it has a lit Apple logo on the back, I'm sold.

On topic:
I'd like a bigger screen.
I'd like a higher resolution.
I'd like a keyboard.
I'd like the A5 chip.
I'd like a longer battery.
I'd like the same video-out capabilities as the iPad 2
I don't know if I'll get any of these things, and I'm sure there will still be surprises when the device is revealed.