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App description: *** A Huge thanks to all our "Monsterball B" fans for supporting the game, you have made great support and we have done our best to provide you greater update with exciting features.


*** Major update with great new features
- 11 new stacks of boxes
- 10 more balls to play
- Add "Cross Monsterball" clears boxes in wider span
- Add "Split Monsterball" clears boxes in a row
- Add "Rocket" fires lots of rockets
- Add "Train" pushes all boxes out
- Support upside down portrait orientation
- Overall performance and stability upgrade
- Bug fixes

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Monsterball wants to have beautiful presents.

Roll the ball to get as many boxes of presents as possible.
If you hit the star, you can use Super Monsterball, which is strong enough to break all the bundle of presents at once. So dont forgo the opportunity.
Fast physics-based actions mean you can continue with the game without any short resting time.
To get many presents, you will need some skill to roll the ball to the spot where you can knock down the bundle of presents all at once, after looking carefully at the shape of the pile of presents.
For more fun in the game, why don't you guess what you can think of when you look at the bundles of presents?

Use Game Center to check the real-time world ranking and the rankings of your friends.

You can use it simultaneously on the iPod3, iPhone3GS, iPhone4, and iPad with a one-time purchase.

Supports iPhone4 Retina display
Supports iPad high-definition display

marketingDnLPro's comments:
'Monsterball B' – 3D Action Game for Boom Blox Fans!

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A. Monsterball B? – Game Introduction

The 2nd Series of Monsterball has been ranked in the top level of the app store since it was launched under the name of Monsterball a few months ago.

As one of the latest series, this helps people focus on the genuine interest of the game with its beautiful graphics, excellent visual effects, and easy operation method, etc.
Furthermore, Monsterball B can be played on a range of devices, including the iPhone3Gs and iPhone4, iPad and iPad2 !

B. How do we play the game? - How to play
Playing the game is very simple. Push the screen of the funny-looking Monsterball at an appropriate angle and strength using your fingers to topple all the boxes. You will easily become acquainted with the game after playing it after only a few minutes.

Because there are many target sets prepared, you will be able to challenge with more varied and complicated target sets as your ability improves.

C. Wouldn’t just shooting be enough? - Characteristics
Although it looks easy, strategic factors are required to get high scores.
You will score lots at one time when you hit the weakest part of the target sets using a small number of balls.

D. Are there any other interesting factors? - Items
There are several items in the current version.
When you eat a star-shaped item, it changes to a red Super-Monsterball, and if you shoot, it flies with beautiful scattering stars and when you hit boxes, Boom! Boom! Boxes fly high into the sky with explosion sounds.
Although the teddy bear item is slightly difficult to hit, you get an additional ball, so it's a necessary item for high scores. Don’t miss it!

Other than these, there are the *Tilt option and Leaderboard that double the fun of the game. You can play against friends from all over the world.

E. Comments from the developing company
It's an easy-to-play game that can be enjoyed while waiting for a friend or using public transport.

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03-29-2011, 06:40 AM
These balls are eviiiil .
Gonna try this one out.Any lite version?
03-29-2011, 06:46 PM
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Lite version of Monsterball B will release soon.
03-29-2011, 11:18 PM
Joined: Jan 2011
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NEW! ###### April Fools' Day Sale ########

*** April Fools' Day Sale - It's no joke!
*** Save 50% - Grab this game now!

Dont't miss it !

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iTunes Link : http://itunes.apple.com/app/id419297915