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App description: ***** Color Me Reverent now on the App Store! Check it out for FREE! *****
Its fun for everyone in the family!

Splatics is a fresh new unique puzzler that would put Einstein to shame. It has battles with the strategy of Chess but the simplicity of Checkers, and an arcade that will test the nimblest of fingers. Gushing with content Splatics will provide hours of fun with countless modes and unlockables.

-40 Puzzling Challenges!
-Single and Multiplayer Battle Modes!
-Several Battle Maps that force you to adapt different strategies!
-Multiple Single Player Battle Difficulty Levels!
-4 Arcade Modes with High Score Charts!
-Choose from 4 different gameplay music tracks!
-Many Paint colors that will light up the screen!
-Paint and save your own backgrounds!
-Learn as you play tutorial that makes it easy to understand!

The goal? Color all the hexagons on the screen. Simple in word but not in practice. You have three different paint tools to accomplish this goal: Spray Can, Paint Bucket and Paint Brush. Each tool has their own abilities. Use them in a variety of ways and become the master artist your parents always knew you would be.

Have you ever tackled a rhinoceros wearing polka-dot underpants while a monkey tickles your pinkie toe with a goose down feather so soft you could cut a knife with it?

This game gives you that exact same feeling, but better.

Some ask what makes a killer game? We say its mystery, suspense, romance and enough action to wet your pants. And although critics might say this game has none of those things, we have known many to take bathroom breaks between challenges and we wouldn't be surprised if love came knocking on your door.

Need help with a puzzle? Head over to www.splatics.com and request a hint!

Splatics's comments:

Its an awesome new puzzler! Check it out!!!
04-08-2011, 04:08 PM
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Promo Codes!

Let me know if you want a promo code and will rate it on the app store!

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04-09-2011, 01:30 AM
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20 Left!

I have only 20 promo codes left!

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04-10-2011, 12:50 AM
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Splatics website has just started:

If anyone needs help on a puzzle I will post hints for it on the site. Just let me know!