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iPad: Kid's EduPack: 9-In-1 Combo Pack ------Coming Soon on Appstore

04-22-2013, 06:45 AM
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Kid's EduPack: 9-In-1 Combo Pack ------Coming Soon on Appstore

Hi All,

One more Combo Pack of kids games is on its way.
Be sure to check out our upcoming game Kid's EduPack: 9-In-1 Play & Learn with Fun

Welcome aboard the ultimate in kids’ apps. A one stop shop for parents of toddlers, preschoolers and older kids. On board of this wonder teaching vehicle are nine interesting games for your precious one.

1. Toddler Trainer – Count the Toys- Learn counting, quantifying and tracing numbers 1-10 with lovely toys.
2. Jigsaw - Preschool Puzzles for Kids - A jigsaw game with several levels
3. Easy Craft – Kid’s Craft Book - A good app to get the nifty crafter started
4. Brain Trainer – Odd One Out- Classic game of finding the odd one out from the group
5. Alphabet Machine – Play and Learn- A combination of five books with few alphabets and associated objects, each moving on a conveyor belt.
6. Head To Toe – Baby Learns Body Parts - An app about body parts with cute characters
7. Kid’s Paints and Colors (level) - A coloring app which can be so very colorful!
8. Dress Me Up – Designer Kids - A new you everyday- chance to dress up your favorite characters.
9. Pony Dash- An exciting game of pony running in a scenic background.
Time for creative learning for children with this wonderful series, where they can create wonders with their imagination. This series offers each child an opportunity to explore new concepts on his own with subtle guidance. The apps are well designed bearing children’s learning capabilities at various ages, thereby engaging, amusing and enabling them at the same time!

• Patient and soothing in-app voice saying encouraging words.
• Repetition of numbers, letters and words to aid in understanding and memorizing the concepts.
• Clever and exciting games with different levels.
• Apps designed to build children’s concentration.
• Easy to navigate interface.

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05-02-2013, 12:19 AM
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9-In-1: Kid's EduPack is now available on Appstore.

View our latest video trailer posted above.

Website : www.klapedu.com
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Follow us (Twitter) : Klap Edutainment