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  • Publisher: PunchBox
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Device: iPad
  • Size: 99.7 MB
  • Version: 1.8.17
  • Price: Free
  • Average User Rating: 5 (1)
App description: Fishing Joy is an insanely addictive game thats sweeping the world with +100M users worldwide! In Fishing Joy, youll be able to have a deep-ocean experience catching magnificent species of fish and creatures the eco-friendly way! The game features stunning deep-sea graphics, music, sound fxs for a more enjoyable and pleasant experience. Aim and shoot your multi-Level power nets to catch fish and earn Gold and XP! In addition, once your Cannons Power Gauge is full, you will be rewarded with a special Laser Gun to annihilate anything and everything on its path! Even the most difficult creatures to catch - Sharks! Fishing Joy will keep you glued to the screen!

There are 7 powerful Cannons to choose from in size and range. Cast Cannon Nets wisely using small Nets for small fish and big Nets for large prey. The cost of the net is equivalent to the Level of the Cannon Net (Example: Lv. 1 Net will cost you 1 Gold and Lv. 7 net 7 Gold).

Fishing Joy offers:

(1) 15 varieties of colorful sea creatures
(2) 7 different Levels of Cannons and Nets
(3) 1 Super Laser Gun
(4) An Aquarium Mode
(5) Latest technology in graphics, music and sound effects
(6) GameCenter support
(7) Photo enabled for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo
(8) Tour the worlds ocean corners and experience the exquisite 3D experience of being submerged under water.
(9) Game version available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese.

For more information please visit our Website: www.chukong-inc.com

Follow us on Twitter for Fishing Joy updates: http://twitter.com/FishingJoyGame

Become a fan of Fishing Joy on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fishingjoy

Fishing Joy HD Support: game@fishingjoygame.com

Thanks for playing Fishing Joy HD!

luc!nda's comments:
Fishing Joy HD has reached #1 Top Paid in China 10-12 April!

Fishing joy is one of those colorful, extremely detailed, never-ending games, similar to any assortment of successful never-ending games on the ipad or iphone. The game takes place at the bottom of the salt-water floor. Your job is to catch fish, plain and simple. Your ability to snag these slippery swimmers depends on your choice of traps. Your weapon comes in the form of a net that you hoist out to snag the rainbow variation of tiny guppy minnows to blowfish to hammer-head sharks. The nets also have an array of 7 sizes; the larger nets you fire, the higher the probability of catching bigger fish and collecting coins. The smaller nets have a smaller probability of catching fish but cost you less money to launch at the squirmy fish. The smallest net costs you 1 coin, while the largest net will cost you 7 coins. Collect 1500 coins and you gain access to the best weapon in the game! This weapon comes in the form of a powerful laser; choose your use wisely because you only get to use the laser 1 time for every 1500 coins you collect. Try to catch the bigger fish, challenge yourself to go after the sharks, and pocket the most money possible, or stay small and collect a large supply of fish along with an ample bank of money.

Fishing Joy automatically rewards the player with coins while the game is not active. If, for some reason, you stop playing the game, you can be handsomely rewarded when you log back in. After a certain minutes of downtime, Fishing Joy will reload your account and credit you with maximum 200 coins. It will continue to do this until you start playing again. Thus, you can restart your adventures trying to catch the big fish, with a greater arsenal of cash to fund your fishing traps.

The music is original and the sound effects are joyful. Every time you catch fish, the sound resembles a giant anchor pulling in your fish combined with a giant cash register ringing in your profits. Furthermore, the graphics are sharp, bright, and detailed. For example, you can actually see the puffer fish get angry when you try to attack them with a smaller net. If you miss, they blow up to massive proportions and show their spikes as they swim away. This will also make them an easier target if they happen to get away. Some other extremely detailed examples of the plethora of fish swimming around are: flashlight fish, sting-rays, and sea turtles. The flash light fish provoke the most attention because they are swimming around with a giant light hanging from their heads. This is just one small examples of the great detail that was put into capturing the specific types of exotic fish. The game provides tremendous fun for all ages, and is a great game to travel with because it has no limit to length or fun. Buyer beware, playing it on the train may cause you to miss your station.

Gameplay Video: http://youtu.be/gaghgluwvFs

Fishing Joy HD 1.0: http://fishingjoygame.com/
Email: support@fishingjoygame.com
04-12-2011, 06:41 AM
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It does not seem that interesting . When i talk about a fishing game I think about a fishing simulator, where you change nods and baits and catch different sorts of fish. Anyway it may be cool but not my tupe though.
04-12-2011, 06:52 AM
Yes but when you play a game you should play a game by the name!

The game is pretty cool tough
04-12-2011, 08:53 AM
In fact it should be free

yeh...got it
04-12-2011, 11:08 AM
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Street Machine Game

In China, it's a very popular Arcade Game. Everybody want to play it , which English name is Fishing season!

You can get some info here: