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MinuteGames: Coming Soon!!

04-12-2011, 05:27 PM
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MinuteGames: Coming Soon!!

Hi TouchArcade users,

Coming soon to the iOS App Store will be a new app called MinuteGames. Ever had those few minutes in your busy day where you just seem to be doing nothing? It may be when you're riding on the subway to go to work, or when you're stuck in the middle of rush hour where traffic is at an absolute standstill, or when you're waiting for your turn at the coffee machine. Or, if you're still in school, it may be on the bus ride, in between classes, or during study hall. Either way, this game is perfect for peoples of all ages. We call it MinuteGames!

The app is based off a very simple concept: Games that take less than one minute to play. In the initial release we will provide 6 games, with constant free updates with new games. All games are designed to be simple, yet fun to look at and play. In the initial release, we feature these 6 games:

1. Tic Tac Toe, the classic that has been played for decades. Play against an intelligent computer, with automatic scorekeeping.

2. CheckBoxes, a simple game where you try to check as many checkboxes as you can (by tapping them) in 20 seconds.

3. NationNaming: You're given 3 clues, and you try to guess the country.

4. Simon Says: Try and copy "Simon" in this great memory game.

5. Rock Paper Scissors: Play against the computer, with automatic scorekeeping.

6. Number Guess: Give the computer a range, and it will generate a random number within your range. Proceed to guess the number based on clues the computer gives you.

With multitasking and retina display enabled!!

More games will be constantly added! Designed with smooth animations and a great user interface that will surely please any user! App icon and introductory screenshot below. More screenshots to be added soon!!

App Icon:

Introductory Screenshot:

Great Interfaces to Browse Games:

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05-08-2011, 03:32 PM
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MinuteGames Update: 6/8/11

Game development is continuing at a steady pace, and we expect the game to be released within the month. Added here are several new screenshots, along with a new introductory video for the application. If anyone has any questions/comments, or would like to provide suggestions to improve the application based on what you see (this would be greatly appreciated), please feel free to post below.


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