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iPhone: Chris-software: Circles - Memory Test

04-08-2009, 07:07 AM
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Chris-software: Circles - Memory Test


As long as I see your concern about my apps I'd like to tell you about my next production.

Circles - Memory Test

YouTube review: YouTube - Circles - Tune your memory iPhone iPod Touch game

my blog:Circles Chris-Software.com # iPhone & iPod Touch games and apps

Circles gives your brain a quick test and will help make your memory better. In each level a new circles is born and you have to decide which. Seems to be simple and not worth, but it’s really addictive and very difficult to go through level #20 and highers.

Good luck!

There are a lot of this type games for computer in flash technology but I guess it’s the only one for iPhone today. The black and white colour used only is not because I was in hurry to make this game, but it’s the best contrast and give you better and more accurate results than if you recognized circles by their colours.

My personal record: 25 but it’s no only up to your memory but you have to be lucky, too. Try to beat me. Please don’t cheat deapand only on your memory, don’t draw on a paper, don’t make screenshots, don’t try to solve it with ten friends ;-P.

04-08-2009, 09:28 PM
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It looks interesting, but I'll personally be sticking with Memory Matrix as my memory game.

(Not that price is an issue, but Memory Matrix is still Free, although it will probably be $0.99 eventually.)

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