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  • Publisher: sCPsOFT
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 49.0 MB
  • Version: 1.0
  • Price: $0.99
  • Average User Rating: 4 (1)
App description: Recent Reviewer: Love this game! A real original! *****

Are you a switchboard wizard? Can you handle the pressure of this fast paced original game?

As the the switchboard wizard you are in charge of connecting the lines to the destinations , but be quick to get a better score. Watch out for the faults on the destinations as they will need to be fixed before the line can connect.

Its high pressure , highly addictive , wire connecting fun. Be quick, be good , be awesome - be the switchboard wizard.

Leader boards for each of the levels to prove your wizardly skills with the world!

Game going great and the phone rings , no problem with fast app switching go back to your game without any loss , in fact the break might do you good!

* 3 Different destination boards
* Increased level of difficulty
* Destination faults that need to be fixed
* Game Centre
* Offline scoring
* Addictive Game Play

sparkyman's comments:
I am pleased to announce a new game that tests your hand to eye coordination to connect the correct line to the destination as fast as possible.

Its got 5 star reviews so far so give a it a go - Heres the description:

Switchboard wizard has been created with the fast and furious game play , great sound track and effects, as well as game center high scores for all levels. If you need to take a break in game then press the pause button for short break before getting back to the action. Remember to connect the lines as fast as possible to get the best score and ensure the destination is freed up quick for the next connection. With the beginner level offering 6 destination, intermediate offering 12 and expert with 18 destinations there will no end to the fun and compelling game play from this unique game. During each of the games the destinations will develop 'faults' which need to be rectified in order for the destination to be used for a connection.

Game Features:
* Three difficulties levels from beginner , intermediate and expert
* Great sound track throughout
* Game Centre Scores
* Local High Scores
* Addictive game play

Minimum Requirements
* iPhone 3GS and above , iPod running IOS 4+

Supported Languages
* US English

Pricing and availability:
Switchboard Wizard is released at $0.99 USD and can be purchased through iTunes App Store.

iTunes Link:

YouTube Video
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Switchboard Free

The 'lite' version of the game is now available for free to give you a taster, here is the link.

09-21-2011, 09:51 PM
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Game Impressions

I guess the lite version didn't stay around long so I had to dive in and grab the full game.

I sought this game out again after having fun with the just released Call Connect (from another developer) which is based on the same basic concept of connecting incoming calls as quickly as possible as well as then clearing connections once the calls are completed as the incoming line and or destination point might need to be re-used on another call.

While I have to admit, graphically, this game looks a bit like it was made from various clipart images, it plays really nicely and, to be honest, I think is a bit more intuitive than Call Connect. This one also allows you the three difficulties (determines the number of destination connections you'll need to mind) and has the fun bit of random destinations' line failing that only a series of rapid taps can fix (simple enough on its own but painful when scrambling to make all sorts of other connections at that moment).

The game continues until one of the incoming calls is not connected before the caller gives up. You can see where all of the incoming callers are at, patience-wise, as the bar listing their desired connection drains down changing colors from Green (sure, I'll hold) to a narrow strip of Red (that's it, I'm hanging up!). You get more points when you connect the caller quickly.


I hope the dev hasn't given up on this one!

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