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App description: FREE SPACE PUZZLE GAME!

The dark force intend to conquer the entire universe using a starfleet of bugs! Be ready to confront the enemy power!

- 40 challenging missions across beautiful retina-display scenarios.
- Earn gold by solving puzzles! Use it to upgrade your spaceships.
- Physics-based elements: planets, asteroids, black holes, stars and more.
- Hazards like space mines, shooting turrets and flying seekers.
- Lots of achievements to complete and then challenge your friends.
- Addictive and exciting play, for both novice and advanced gamers.

Watch the trailer: www.arphix.com

rlobo's comments:
I'm very proud of announce my newest iOS game - Star Wings.

Youtube link | Pop Up

Star Wings is an interstellar arcade game where you explore the universe controlling a spaceship, facing beautiful planets and dealing with gravity fields, asteroids, black holes, white holes, space mines, enemy turrets and a lot of physics-based elements that transform each of the 36 missions in an unique and unforgettable adventure.

The spaceship is smoothly controlled by touching the screen where you wants to go, allowing you to pass through checkpoints, fly around planets and collect stars in your way.

But the space is full of hazards! The enemy force intend to conquer the entire universe and you must be prepared to confront enemy turrets and avoid space mines. Also, asteroids and black holes can be very trick to deal with. If the spaceship crashes into an object the mission fails.

Be careful on controlling the ship, use the gravity in your favor and avoid be out of fuel. Good luck and become an ace of space!

- 36 challenging missions across 4 chapters.
- Addictive, exciting play for both novice and advanced gamers.
- Physics-based elements such as planets, asteroids, black holes, white roles and other celestial bodies that have their own gravitational field.
- Hazards like space mines and enemy turrets.
- Collectable items such as stars and fuel refills.
- Final mission score rely on several factors: number of checkpoints reached, stars collected, enemies killed and remaining fuel.
- Awarded bronze, silver and gold medals based on mission final score.
- Retina display graphics.
- Supports leaderboards with Game Center.

I have a few codes to distribute to the TouchArcade members that are willing to make a honest review in iTunes.

Please, send a PM requesting the promo codes.

PS. The iPad version will be available in the next few days.

04-21-2011, 10:02 AM
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Soo....a lot like Monkube's title, but instead of slow and psychadelic, fast and furious.

I dig it. It passed muster. : )

I've placed geocached DRM-free USB copies of my newest game in various locations throughout Europe and Southeastern US. Email me if you find 'em for the free "explorer" cape.

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Game Center-probum

04-21-2011, 10:08 AM
pm sent
04-21-2011, 11:07 AM
Alright, I just got a promo code, and after downloading and playing the first few levels, I can already tell I'm really gonna enjoy this game.

You basically control a space ship that you have to move through checkpoints to reach the goal. To move your spaceship, you either tap the screen or hold in the direction you want to go to. Sounds simple? Think again, because your spaceship gains momentum as it moves around, making it harder to control if you're just mashing the screen. Careful tapping is required as opposed to furiously tapping the screen. Oh, and it time you tap the screen, you use up your limited fuel. Holding the screen uses up even more.

The game adds more obstacles in your way by throwing in asteroids, planets with their own gravitational fields that try to pull you in, and moving satellites such as moons. Hitting any of these will require you to start over.

The game also seems to have replayability via attempting to collect stars that are distributed throughout the levels. Collecting these will net you a higher score. Using up less fuel does so as well. So trying to get the highest score possible should provide fun for some.

Anyways, that's just from the first few levels. I'd say this game is definitely worth your money if your into those retro spaceship games that require careful movement of your spaceship without crashing into stuff.
04-21-2011, 12:15 PM
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iTunes won't let me leave a review, but here's what I wanted to say:

Fantastic Game! (5 Stars)

This one is surprisingly good The visuals are very nice, the audio is pleasant, and the controls are responsive and simple to use. Felt like I had a great deal of control over the ship. The effects of gravity and the additional objects to avoid really made for some hairy situations, but it's a good deal of fun. I liked trying to conserve fuel to earn a higher score, too. Recommended!
04-26-2011, 08:44 PM
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Forgot to mention in the pm, but I'd be happy to leave an honest review.
04-26-2011, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Ajstadel View Post
Pm sent

Forgot to mention in the pm, but I'd be happy to leave an honest review.
I'd be happy to leave a dishonest review...

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PM sent .

Please support these indie developers for putting in so much effort and making what is known as a hidden gem .

ChaoticBox - Silverfish Cat in a Box Games - Red Conquest!