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App description: ASTROJAM, Inneres Auge's first hit, is back! This time with a new gameplay mode, transforming it into an insanely addictive game.

Venture into the new game mode and test your skills and reflexes, don't forget about the Classic mode, it is still there, more entertaining than ever before.


GRAB MODE , our new addition to ASTROJAM will face you with a brand new challenge, help our little friendly and green alien travel through space as far as possible. Use your harpoon and grab onto the asteroids, rocks and objects that you encounter. Be careful though, some objects might not be what they appear to be.

CLASSIC MODE takes you to the roots of the entire ASTROJAM adventure, use your finger to control the spaceship and evade the dangerous asteroids traveling through space. Be on the lookout for the great power-ups that will help you survive the dangerous asteroids.


GREAT NEWS, the brand new ASTROJAM features new amazing power-ups. For those of you who are already familiar with the 'Freeze' and 'Shield', get into the Grab Mode and try using the Fuel, the Lightning and last but not least, the EMP.

FLY THAT UFO by collecting fuel inside the 'Grab' game mode. Once fuel collected your ship's engines will ignite and you will be able to control the movements of the UFO by tilting the device. Don't miss the fuel canisters as these really come in handy.


ASTROJAM was all about cuteness and great graphics, nonetheless we managed to put a lot of new content on top, making it a truly great visual experience. The new graphic approach is CUTER, BRIGHTER and a lot more POLISHED than before.

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05-09-2011, 05:57 PM
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Not bad for 0.99. Can't say it is the best game I have ever played, but fun when have few minutes to kill. Easy to share scores on FB.