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App description: Redefine line drawing game with strategy.

"Sneak Out is a brilliant game which requires patience and strategy." - iReviews.

"A lot better than the screenshots appear. surprised me. very fun indeed." - nik.sfo, US Store review

"Really fun game! Great graphics and fun gameplay. I enjoyed how the levels progress in difficulty." - oztune, US Store review


OverTime work!? Dont be kidding, my boss.
Come on, say NO to your boss.
Now, its time to stand up and sneak out of your office to enjoy your happy hours!
But, be careful! Your boss might just standing behind you and waiting to give you tons of works.

Easy to play and its addictive. Drag you and your friends out of the office without alerting your boss.

Every boss in the world would always assign you some urgent tasks when you are going to leave. You are now going to save you and your lovely friends to sneak out of the office, and enjoy the happy hours. Simply lead them to go to the exit of the office. Also, DONT look back as your BOSS might behind you.

You dont want to struggle with your boss anymore after the official working hours, right? So, pack all your belongings and RUN!!! Leave the office as soon as you can and grab as much stars as you can while leaving. Try to create your fastest record all around the world.

Lets DISTRACT your boss
Telephone? Fax? Printer? Just grab them and make some noise to distract your boss! Activate those machines will help you sneak out of the office easily. But, do care the times you use them, as it will lower the score you get.

The games are now coming with total 45 levels in classic and insane mode to let you to play with. More different offices and game features are planning to release soon. So, please prepare yourself to SNEAK OUT all over the world!


Redefine the line drawing game with strategy solving.
Online Leaderboard. Are you ready for the challenges all over the world?
Retina ready graphics and animations.
Supports from iPod touch 3rd Gen and iPhone 3GS

HD Trailer on YouTube: http://j.mp/sneak-out-trailer

Lakoo's comments:
Get Sneak Out now!

Sneak Out! has been released on 22 April! Sneaking out of the office while not getting the attention of your boss, it is interesting and easy to play.

Application Name: Sneak Out!
Operating System: iPhone and iPod Touch, supports Game Center.
Price: US1.99
Release Date: 22 April 2011

Presented by 42games Ltd. Easy to play and it’s addictive. Drag you and your friends out of the office without alerting your boss. --- The MUST-HAVE game in your Easter holiday get prepared to escape from the post-holiday workload!

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