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Battle Eternal II

10-02-2011, 04:45 PM
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ok, thanks for answer
10-02-2011, 04:47 PM
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Awesome screens. Any news on a beta build? I am excited to try out this game

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10-02-2011, 04:51 PM
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yeah, me too
10-03-2011, 01:13 AM
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--> Dev Reply

Hey All,

We will try to have a beta build this week, or next.

We are just about done with a 3D Virtual Chat world for Facebook, so as soon as that release is it, we will be 100% dedicated to BattlEternal.

At that point, expect things to start moving much more quickly.

Also - One super cool thing that you might be interested in (and it pays a little bit of money too!)

We need some voice actors. You don't have to be a pro, you just need a unique voice of some sort.
We have spaces for ...

- Male Villagers (a bunch of different ones)
- Female Villagers (a bunch of different ones)
- Male Archer (Unique Hero)
- Male Barbarian (Unique Hero)
- Female Mage (Unique Hero)
- Female Holy Warrior (Unique Hero)
- Skeletons
- Zombies
- Dragons
- Orcs
- Ogres
- Trolls
- Demons
- Narrator
- Cave Beasts
- And im sure a bunch more that I'm not remembering off the top of my head.

How to apply ...
1. Record a clip of your voice and what you are voice acting for,
For example ...
Character: Female Villager
Description: Villager cries and then says, weepingly, "The ogres came in the middle of the night and ate my homework, I fought them of so you are safe Teacher, but alas, now my homework is missing and I can't turn it in today!"

Or ...

Character: Zombie
Description: In an indifferent voice, zombie says "Brains, Brains, I need Brains, to eat that is ..... bbrrrrraaaalllllggggggg!!!"

2. Send us the clip, or clips in a compressed format, (prefer mp3) to info@tecstargames.com

3. We will listen to every clip we get, and if we want to use you, we will send back some scripts of exactly what we want you to say.

4. Now, just record 2-3 of the requested items, and if we like it, we will send you back a full list of what we need, and how much we can pay for it, when we need it by, etc...

At that point, if everything seems ok to you, we will have you record and send the parts, and we will pay you for them, and you will be in the credits for voice acting!

Also, we will need to work with you to make sure you use the right programs, equipment, etc... so that the recordings sound high quality. If we really like what you do, and the parts you are chosen for are one of the main characters, etc... we will probably need to send you some equipment to borrow, most likely a microphone. We will send it to you, you can use it for the duration of the recordings, then we will pay for you to send it back. All that being said, if you are doing multiple characters, we will probably just give you the microphone to keep so we can use you again for one of the sequels, etc...

Thanks everyone, we are excited to give you all the opportunity to be even more a part of this game.

There will be a few more opportunities as well for more involvement, so stay tuned everyone, and thanks for your interest!

- Trevor
10-03-2011, 01:16 AM
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While i think the graphics are great, the environments are kind of clean and boring looking (imo), maybe you could add some stuff, or make them more interesting. Though i haven't seen enough of this game to say Its the case everywhere, those screens kinda made it seem that way.
Putting aside all that I'm sure this game will be one of the most unique games on the app store, and a great game in general.
10-03-2011, 01:46 AM
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--> Dev Reply


First of all, thank you for getting involved in our forum here, we appreciate your input.

Also, don't worry, these are the bare world graphics with nothing else added yet. There are many things everywhere in the game, so I'm sure you will find the final areas very interesting, well populated and enjoyable.

It's always a risk when a game company is willing to show the progress as it's being made, as it is goes along, instead of waiting until its just about release ready, but we believe it's worth it to get the input of the gamers that will play it to make sure it is the best gaming experience possible.

That being said, this is a great opportunity for us to get information at every step, for example, we would love to hear from you about your ideas.

What would you like to see in this town for you to really feel like the game is going to be something awesome to you?

Thanks for your input!

We really do want to hear from you,

Thanks again,

- Trevor
10-03-2011, 03:29 AM
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Thanks for replying, this put some of my worries to rest
One question about the npc's though; Are they just walking around or do you have some sort of scripting system, so they can be for excample chopping wood or talking to each other or repairing things in the environment etc?
10-03-2011, 02:47 PM
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--> Dev Reply


As far as what the standard NPC does, which is different from monsters who have a giant set of attacks, spells, knockbacks, deaths, and much more, here is a list for the standard actions on non combat NPCs (that being said, they can fight, collapse, etc... also)


This is just the basic set that every NPC inherits.

We will create whatever additional ones we need to make the game as immersive and character building as possible.

Already, we know we have some NPCs with custom actions that are far above and beyond the list above, and will continue to add as needed, but at a minimum, everyone gets the above.

Thanks again for writing,

10-03-2011, 02:52 PM
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10-03-2011, 11:13 PM
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I'm really digging the direction of the game -

Thanks for sharing all of you output, and receiving input - thus far.

I've yet to see any areas populated with any npc characters though

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