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"Alien Menace" in its mobile version is the official adaptation, for one player, of the eponymous card game. Simple rules allow for a quick start and full of action, twists and turns games that will require luck and strategy.

Alien Menace will propel you into a futuristic world where are competing, in breathless and ruthless face-to-face, on one side a load of heavy weapons, grenades and desperate energy and on the other sharp fangs and other poisoned darts.

To save humanity and get out of that living hell it has just landed on, the Space Marine -you- must fight his way up to a dimensional portal through the devastated base.

In each room, you'll find weapons and equipment, but will also have to fight the abominations that plague the area. Whatever their size and appearance, these aliens "things" are just plain killing machines.
The Omega Base portal has provided them with an unexpected opportunity to take their revenge on humans by attacking them by surprise. But chance has hopefully jammed up the workings of their invasion plan ...

They now have to deal with a tough, stubborn, resistant and over trained grain of sand : You.

The player who embodies the Space Marine is always under stress :
The slightest mistake can soon prove being deadly, and he has only three precious hit points.
For him, every injury counts ; if he arrives weakened at the portal, his chances of success will be by far lower. You must therefore make the right choices and do your best with the weapons and actions you have, but also guess when and how to take critical risks.

The Alien player -managed by the AI- sends his monsters, big or small, to the fight, in order to trap the Marine player and force him to make hazardous choices, as called by necessity.

The rooms

Each room of the Omega Base has distinct characteristics :
Some will be more advantageous to the Space Marine, others to the Alien, while others have will influence how the battle will unfold.
At the beginning of the first round, the Space Marine player chooses which room he heads to among the two room cards that have been revealed.
But that choice, in the following rounds, will be up to the player who lost the fight in the previous room.

Cards and tokens

During fights, players lay down cards they have in hand in an escalation of force :
The Marine uses lethal weapons, the Alien unleashes raging monsters... and both have in reserve combat actions aimed to surprise the opponent and change the course of confrontation.

Players also have tokens, representing for the Marine bursts of courage and for the Aliens monsters fits of berserking rage. During combat, each player can throw previously earned tokens in an attempt to increase its strength :

"Attempt", because it still is necessary that the token lands on the correct side ...
Guaranteed thrills !

Inspired by FPS (First Person Shooter) video games, Alien Menace is a dynamic card game in which two players battle to gain control of a teleportation portal.
Players-the human Space Marine and the AI alien forces- will struggle at every fight, using special cards and tokens allowing them to bid until one of them becomes the strongest.

As required in that Alien tainted Sci-Fi universe, one player (the human) plays a heavily equipped and armed Marine while the other (the AI) takes over a horde of warlike aliens, ready to tear their opponents using...well, let's call that their natural talents.

Based on simple rules, Alien Menace throws players in an immersive atmosphere and propose short games, for more nervous and eventful clashes : Get ready for no mercy confrontations !

The Marine advances only if he manages to kill all creatures present in each room, and the Alien -that must prevent the portals destruction- will draw him back whenever he manages to hurt him.
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For those curious about the game, basically you have a movement phase where you choose which room to explore. Different rooms have different amounts of aliens. Combat is handled like this:

-You each take turns playing cards.
-Cards have a point value. You take turns trying to match or overcome the opponents total point value.
-Coins can be flipped if you're low on cards or if you don't want to use them. Heads and you get +1 or tails and nothing happens.
-You win when the alien flees (out or low on cards and coins)
-You lose a life when you have to flee (you have three lives)
-Defeat all of the aliens in the room to move onto the next room.

Rinse and repeat until you clear X amount of rooms and have a final stand at the portal. Defeat the aliens there to win.

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Originally Posted by TheDukester View Post

I keep seeing references to "the card game," but can find no listing for it anywhere. Not even at BGG, which is the sort of place that lists 300 variations on Monopoly.
Here are some links for you. All in French though....

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Originally Posted by Seishu View Post
So far it's awesome. It's what you'd expect from a combination of a first person shooter and card game. Battles are intense and vary in length depending on the room and strength of the enemy. The graphics are well done and you watch the marine trudge to each room and look around as aliens burst into the scene with a battle.

Originally Posted by scarypharaoh View Post
Just had a quick play, really enjoying this. The card battling mechanic is very nice, I believe this is based on an existing game? Im still working out all the rules having never played the original, but the battles are fun and not too long. The graphics create a really nice atmosphere - obviously inspired by ALIEN. Overall, will definately give a thumbs up for 99c.
What they said!!!! Really liking this game. It truly feels like a first person shooter in a card game format.
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HD Gameplay Trailer:

Part I:

Part II:


One Gameplay Video. Besides that i did get in Contact with the Developer. Hopefully the Folks over at France give us some more Details about their new cool Game.
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Rules for the Card Game are posted here.

I'm currently translating them from French to English. If anyone is interested PM me.
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Game Impressions

I'm having good fun and think Seishu already summed up the play pretty well. While there is buckets of luck involved (hoping you have better cards on hand than the alien when battling it out), there is more strategic depth to it than might be apparent at first. Beyond simply comparing weapons vs. the aliens' power, each of the rooms bestows unique benefits and or penalties to to the players. I also love how the marines and aliens have unique monster abilities, actions, and events from one another. While some might be similar this is definitely not a case of both players having identical decks with just the names changed to make them superficially appear different.

One question, however, to fellow players or dev. Does the best score only get recorded if you win or is this aspect broken at the moment?

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Game Impressions

Some further points I've noted after finally winning a game!

-Since ties go to the marine, all you need to do is tie the power of the alien to win the encounter.

-Your score is only recorded if you win with and end game bonus based on lives left and difficulty level chosen (s ending with more lives and on a higher difficulty level is likely to give you more points). Also your points in the game seems to be based on the number and toughness of the aliens you have defeated.

-Fleeing is sometimes your best option. While mainly a bad thing as it will cause you to incur a point penalty and give the alien two coins to use against you in future battles, it still allows you to advance onto the next encounter and choose your next room (when advancing normally one of the choices is almost always blocked off).

-All of the fights in the first 5 rooms are really just preparation to a BIG showdown in the sixth room where the number of cards you get to draw is based on your remaining health once there. So while you'll be allowed to draw 3, 5, or 7 extra cards, the alien player will always get to draw 6 cards for this encounter.

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Game Impressions

Here is my 5 star iTunes review I just posted:

You can tell early on this game clearly draws its inspration from the Alien film series, the Doom first person shooter, and maybe even a little of the Warhammer 40K boardgame. You play as a sole marine that has to brave six rooms filled with demonic aliens to then reach and destroy the portal from which they're spawning. Both you and the AI controlled aliens need to best one another with their own unique CCG like decks (you can only play the marine and aren't allowed to modify the deck at this point, but who knows if updates will allow you to play as the aliens or customize the decks a bit). Play consists of you as the marine entering your choice of two two randomly drawn rooms (each with their own unique characteristics that will either help or hinder the two players) and then battling all of the alien player's baddies in that room one at a time. The number of baddies the alien player can throw at you is limited by the room size (which determines the maximum number of lien encounters allowed in the room) and what the alien player currently has in hand (even if the room allows 6 aliens, if the alien player only has 4 aliens in hand for this encounter, that's all you'll need to deal with). These battles are played out by the alien player playing an alien card and you, the marine player, needing to play a weapon card to defeat it. While these encounters are primarily just cases of comparing the power of the weapon and alien to determine the victor, both you and the alien have a number of tricks up their sleeves to better even the odds (action cards and coins). Play continues like this in the given room until the marine has cleared out all of the aliens in the room or the marine is forced to flee wounded from the room (the marine has 3 lives). If the marine can persevere through all 6 initial rooms he'll then get to have a big final showdown in the portal room. Even if the player still has lives left at this point, there is no retreating in this final do or die battle. If you are successful here it will then mean you've won the game and will be presented with your end score modified by the difficulty level chosen and hwo many lives you had by the end of the game. While no online score tracking yet, the game will record your best local winning score.

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This game reminds me of Death Angel card game, set in the Warhammer 40K universe.

Haven't played it myself but have been wanting to:
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Originally Posted by roninld View Post
This game reminds me of Death Angel card game, set in the Warhammer 40K universe.

Haven't played it myself but have been wanting to:
I have Death Angel and have played it a few times. It is fun, if not a little fiddly due to all of the cards that could be out at the same time.

This game is a lot more streamlined and "condensed", but similar to DA in theme at least.

Oh, and it crashes EVERY SINGLE GAME on my 2nd gen iPod Touch. Works fine on my wife's iPad, though, so must be a memory issue. Please fix!!! Other than that, great game and very replayable!!

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