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App description: The Crows is a family with an ancient working tradition as gravediggers. The first members in the chronicle of the Crows family history appear to have been those in charge of burying Adam and Eve. Traces found in the Dead Sea Scrolls reveal a member of the Crows clan doing the dirty work for the Romans. The familys name reappears later in each and every one of the old bloody

battles, that took place in worlds history. In modern times it is known, that they were profoundly enriched by harvesting deaths during World War II, working for both sides; both Hitler and Stalin came to recompense the efforts performed by the grandparents of the present Crows. It has also been rumored that some members of the family at that time had to be treated because of symtoms caused by immense stress. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the current Crows migrate from central Europe to the USA, where in the quiet and peaceful city of Rottenville their family business continues. Unfortunately the rate of deaths is very low in Rottenville, thats why Judas, the head of the family and smart entrepreneur, decides to contact Death (the Grim reaper), his loyal and oldest travel companion. Death, tired of doing the same job over all those years, decides to take a break and enjoy a vacation at the Crows house, leaving the business in the hands of the Crows family. However, things are not as simple as they seem,- Rottenvilles Reverend Ash, leader of a sect with many active members, is not just going to watch the Crows taking away Rottenvilles souls as if by miracle (at least not before making sure that theres something in for himself).

Your mission is to help The Crows family to recover corpses to keep its business running. Moreover, you will need to watch and collect all the crows that are falling.
The Crows is a game that will leave you breathless! The game has amazing graphics and an excellent gameplay. Become a part of this great community of The Crows and help this family of undertakers to save its business.

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04-27-2011, 08:34 AM
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what is the relation between the video and the screenshots?!
They seem to be different!
Bah, maybe I have to sleep more

I love this world!