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Weekend Warriors Program

04-28-2011, 08:58 PM
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Weekend Warriors Program

So to inspire people to create games and get people together of like minds in a local community we are pitching the idea of a "Weekend Warriors" program. This is just in its initial concept phase right now but if a lot of people think it's a good idea then it can be started pretty quickly. Here's some FAQs about the WWP (not set in stone, but they are pretty close):

What is the Weekend Warriors program?

The WWP is where a group of people of like mind get together on the weekends to discuss, create, and enjoy making games.

Where will the WWP take place?

Right now the WWP will take place in Orange County, California; however, people are more than welcome to create a WWP for their own local areas.

What will the WWP create?

The WWP will initially start by creating iPhone and Android games. If there is interest and talent to branch out to other types of games then we are more than happy to work on those also.

Who is invited to participate in the WWP?

Anyone and everyone interested in making games that is near or can make it to the local area that the WWP is happening. This includes artists, programmers, story writers, game designers, composers and anyone else in general who finds making games fascinating.

What do -I- get out of joining the WWP?

As long as you follow through, do your part and finish the game you are working on you get an equal share of the profits split between everyone involved in the game once it releases. More specific details can be discussed per team in event an emergency or tragedy happens where you have to bow out of the project early. If you leave the project without a good reason then you will lose all of your claim to your share and it will be given to whoever comes in to replace you.

What does Vortex Games, Inc get from the WWP?

Vortex Games, Inc will only get an equal share of the games they work on just the same as any individual who joins the WWP. Vortex Games, Inc will also supply food and drinks for those who meet up at the WWP as long as it stays within moderation, then they might charge a small fee. Also Vortex Games, Inc will use all of it's resources to promote and market the games you create.

Does this mean I now work for Vortex Games, Inc?

Not at all. When the time comes to release your games you will discuss with your team on the best way to retrieve your money. Usually the best for this would be to open a joint bank account with everyone's name on it and require signatures of everyone to take out any money from it. Vortex Games, Inc will not claim any income that it doesn't personally make and will not be paying out money from its business account.

Why create the WWP?

Because why not? Why should people who are interested in creating games, but who have other full-time jobs not be able to get together with people of like mind and use their abilities to the fullest? The WWP's main purpose is to bring people together who wouldn't normally have the time nor the knowledge of where to look for people just like them.

Do I have to dedicate [X] amount of time to the WWP?

There is a small commitment to spending at least one day a weekend to meet with your team and work on your project. This is so that people don't get lazy or forget about what they are supposed to be working on or procrastinate in general. This can change depending on your team and if you are able to meet during the week, or periodically throughout the week than that is acceptable also. As long as some amount of hours a week are spent on creating your team's game. People should only join the WWP if they know that they can commit at least this amount of time.

Do we need to meet in person?

Nope. You are welcome to Skype or messenger with your team if that is something you agree on doing or if you just can't make it out of your bedroom that weekend. More frequent communication is encouraged also.

Can I work on the project during the week and my free time also?

Of course and this is highly encouraged to finish projects faster, but it is not mandatory because people have lives and work and other things going on so the WWP will not pressure anyone into working extra hours that they don't want to.

How long do we have to create a game?

As long as it takes. Some games will take longer than others and some could even take a year or more (though its members will probably also be working on other games too). Most games should take 6-10 weekends to create with an average of 80-160 hours spent per person.

Can I work on multiple teams/games?

If you think that you can handle the time commitment that it takes for joining multiple teams/games then feel free, but remember the rule that if you leave a project without good reason (and being too busy for one game over another is not a good reason) then you forfeit your share of the profits.

If I work for a game company would joining the WWP be against their non-competition agreement?

That all depends on what is in their non-competition agreement. If it says you cannot work for another company then you are fine because the WWP is not a company, just a group of people. If it says that you cannot make any money on a side project related to games then you will have to think about if you want to participate in the WWP or you could always donate your share of the profits to charity or something equally as worthy.

Do I have to be working on a game in order to meet with the WWP?

If you want to come just to learn how games are made and not participate in a project then you are free to do so. If you would like to eat during the meals then we will charge a small fee. If you later decide you want to join a project then that's great!

Can I come to the WWP to play card/board/tabletop games?

No. The WWP is not a gathering place for people to come together to play cards, dungeon and dragons, miniatures or even random video games. The purpose of the WWP is to discuss and create games.

What do you guys think? Think this is a good idea? Would anyone near Orange County, CA be interested in this? Feel free to ask any questions here also.


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04-30-2011, 01:35 PM
Sounds like a pretty fun idea though we're on the wrong coast for it.
04-30-2011, 09:05 PM
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Unfortunate Timing

Originally Posted by VortexGamesInc View Post
What do you guys think? Think this is a good idea? Would anyone near Orange County, CA be interested in this? Feel free to ask any questions here also.
I think it's a pretty cool idea. Of course you start it the month after I move out of Orange County, CA... Oh well! Good luck!

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05-01-2011, 09:08 PM
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Thanks for the encouraging words guys! You can always try advertising the same type of group for your own community. I am sure there are people everywhere who want to get into creating games who just don't know how!


A new indie game development company with fun and passion in our heart.