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App description: The Trollkin have descended upon your outpost! Draw your steel and fight through the onslaught as long as you can! Show the foul creatures what death they asked for!


The goal is simple: Slay as many Trollkin Warriors, Mystics, and Wolves as possible! Will you have an heroic death or will you fall before you reach glory?


Test yourself and see if you can beat your own high scores time and time again!

monster_punch_studio's comments:

Published by Pocket Monkey Games, this game was made by a one-man team. It was designed to fufill that hectic, unnerving battleground feeling with the Trollkin pushing in onto your raided camp. It involves physics, jumping to avoid certain types of invading enemies attacks, and a counter near the end of how many of each creature you managed to bring down. (tips on gameplay are down below link)


-Hounds are easy to kill, but they are fast and if you ignore them in regard to larger enemies, they will take you down quickly.

-Keep on the move; if you cant see the enemy, you must go to them or else you'll be surrounded quickly.

-Pick your most dangerous target first; its easy to get caught up in terms of taking a mystic down when 2 trollkin footsoldiers are tearing you up.
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Bought. I've been wanting a good beat em up lately.
04-29-2011, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by frogtorch View Post
Bought. I've been wanting a good beat em up lately.
Thank you! send me a PM with any comments or praises (smilesaurus-rex!).
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Sanaku quoted original post ... methinks thats a positive?