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App description: #1 Educational iPad Game in China - April 2012
Top 10 Educational iPhone in over 25 Countries - March 2012

Play Jabbit and improve your numeracy, literacy and hand-eye-coordination while having fun at the same time!

Don't forget, Jabbits like to be social - so get your friends involved too! The more you play together, the better your world group score will be!

Rekindle your love for the carnival and the state fair with this innovative improvement on whack a mole style games. Jabbit loves to be played with and you'll have so much fun jabbing him and flicking him while he teases your brain and challenges your fingers!

Get your fingers and brain warmed up in the single-player levels, or compete against your friends through multiplayer heads-up and Game Center Leaderboards! Unlock all the bonus levels by finding the hidden Golden Jabbits!

Great addictive fun! - Can't stop playing this... want to be top of the leaderboard!
Amazing game - Amazing game, gave me a lot of fun
Fun, hand/eye coordination, addicting - Having a great time with this app. Good, simple graphics, gets me used to reaction on my iPad. Same satisfaction as Sudoku. Recommended!!!
GREAT !!!!! - Great game that runs smoothly and have polish graphics, good sounds, simple controls and Game Center support (24 Leaderboards and 10 Achievements).Addictive and challenging. Love it.
A lot of fun! - Me and my daughter love this game! Her hand-eye coordination improves with each game...great app!!

- Every level has unique beautiful backgrounds representing your journey through the game
- Each world is more challenging and varied than the previous, can you graduate from the Farm, to the City? Become a JetSetter or even a Marathon Runner?!
- Great for kids and adults of all ages, helps improve concentration, motor skills and raw brain speed
- Universal App - plays great on all devices* for a single low price! (* supports all devices running iOS 4.1 or above)


ikuragames's comments:
Jabbit is a brain teasing and finger testing reaction game, based around the cute character Jabbit. Consisting of more than 15 individual levels, 2 consecutive marathon levels and 4 head-to-head multiplayer levels and hidden Golden Jabbits to find, Jabbit offers hours of jabbing fun, along with unique and engaging graphics - each level has its own theme and beautifully designed background.

Combined with Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements you can challenge your friends to beat your score and prove once and for all who has the fastest brain and the quickest fingers. But wait - there's more! Your World Group Ranking rates your total score combined with all of your friends total scores to compete for the honor of being Jabbit World Rank #1. Get your friends to play Jabbit and increase your Group Score! The more they play The better they play The better your rank will be!

Jabbit is available as a Universal App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch - buy once, play on all! (iOS 4.1 or above required)

We listen to our users, so please feel free to leave your feedback either as a Review on the store, or directly in this thread. The first update is underway, and we'd love to incorporate your ideas!

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05-01-2011, 09:03 AM
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Great game and very addictive
You definitely did your homework. Looking forward to first update !
Maybe have some special jabbits incorporated (alternative colors/appearance) to ease things up a bit.

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05-02-2011, 10:20 AM
Joined: Apr 2011
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Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

Yes we plan to have more special Jabbits in a future version soon. Our designer has been working on different costumes too - so we'll have to see how they all turn out!

I'm prioritising some minor UI improvements for the first update (should be in a week or two) - and maybe some tweaks to the 'star ratings' now that we have some real-world stats on how well people are doing! When you play the same game over and over for 8 hours a day (spending the other 16 coding!!) you get really good at it and it becomes very challenging to assess the difficulty level accurately! Although I have to say that looking at the GameCenter stats - we've not been too far off...

We have a lot more coming down the pipeline though!
05-28-2011, 04:44 AM
Joined: Apr 2011
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